Disney Lorcana Superfan Spends $35k on the TCG Months Ahead of Launch

Mickey Mouse card art from Disney Lorcana

A collector purchased seven PSA 10 cards for Disney Lorcana months before the TCG’s launch.

Collector Frank Giaramita revealed to CBR that he had purchased seven first-edition, sequential cards for Disney Lorcana in PSA 10 condition, meaning perfect mint — the highest ranking for collectibles. Such a set is incredibly rare for any TCG, as for a sequential set, each card in the series needs to come out one after the other a perfect PSA 10. The set includes cards for Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Elsa, Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook, Robin Hood and Maleficent in her dragon form.


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Disney Lorcana Rare Cards Sell Before Release

The set marks the biggest purchase so far for a set of Disney Lorcana cards, which doesn’t release until August. Besides TCGs, Giaramita has a reputation as a significant collector and holds the record for the largest transaction for a Funko Pop! — a rare golden Willy Wonka that he bought for $100k. Giaramita, who goes by GRAILMONSTER on Social Media, explained that he decided to make the purchase due to a love for Disney and rare things in general.

“The cards were a perfect storm for me – I’m obsessed with collecting and anything Disney related and I thought they were gorgeous and really loved the art direction. Regardless of the gameplay, I just knew I wanted these the second I saw them,” Giaramita explained. “I have a hyper-obsession with scarce things. This particular Lorcana set had a very limited print run (only 8,400 cards total)…so they’re very rare to begin with. A full PSA 10 set is very exceptional. A full PSA 10 set that is sequential is virtually unseen (less than 5 of these sets exist currently). I don’t often need something. I needed these!”

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What is Disney Lorcana?

So far, only these seven cards have been revealed for Disney Lorcana. Its first chapter comes out this fall, with a premiere in August at Indianapolis’ Gen Con before landing at retailers on Sept. 1. When it launches, Disney Lorcana‘s first chapter will include over 200 cards, attainable through starter decks and booster packs. In the game, players become “Illumineers,” sorcerers who join with characters from Disney’s collection in what is called “The Great Illuminary.” Disney Lorcana is published by Ravensburger, which also makes Disney Villainous.

Disney Lorcana has its first reveal with a limited set of cards at Gen Con before its global release on Sept. 1.


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