DnD Beyond Subscribers Find Alternatives After OGL Controversy

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Several players prepare for the continuing max exodus over the recent Wizards of the Coast OGL controversy, seeking alternatives for D&D Beyond.

Dungeons & Dragons players have begun seeking a replacement for D&D Beyond following the recent OGL controversy.

Members of the DnD Subreddit offered numerous suggestions under a since-deleted Reddit post asking for alternatives to the popular Dungeons & Dragons resource site. D&D Beyond, which only became an official product of Dungeons & Dragons following developer Wizards of the Coast purchasing it last year, offers digital versions of all official books as well as easy-to-maintain Player Character sheets and Dungeon Master resources.

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Alternatives to D&D Beyond

Several people suggested MorePurpleMoreBetter’s Character Sheets as a replacement for D&D Beyond’s most oft-used tool, which offers detailed and customizable forms for players to use during sessions. Dicecloud also received a number of votes, with multiple users calling it better at customization with better mechanical handling and capacity for automation. Regarding the source books, many called Roll20 the go-to, though some said it is not the easiest to use for new players.

Others suggested creating character sheet templates from scratch using something like OneNote or Google slides. Science-GirlZ explained how they filled out a paper sheet and scanned it into Google Slides with paper dimensions. They add slides and use screenshots of all their spells and abilities with it, and they stated it makes it easy to email to their Dungeon Master when a need arises. Users agreed with the assessment as an easy solution and suggested using Excel or Google Sheets instead.

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The DnD OGL Scandal and Leaving D&D Beyond

Wizards of the Coast’s new OGL caused massive outrage among fans and content creators. Its updated OGL initially added strict regulations to what was once the freedom to create for the TTRPG system. The OGL also added heavy royalty payments, requiring companies that earn over $750,000 to pay 25% for everything above that to Wizards of the Coast while giving the developer the right to make and sell those products as their own. It quickly spawned an #OpenDnD protest, with several community members joining on an open letter asking Wizards to rescind the new OGL.

“Nothing about this new license is “open,” the letter argues. “It chokes the vibrant community that has flourished under the original license. No matter the creator, it locks everyone into a new contract that restricts their work, makes it mandatory to report their projects and revenues to Wizards of the Coast, and gives WotC the legal right to reproduce and resell creators’ content without permission or compensation.”

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