DnD DM Ends Campaign 40 Weeks Early Due to Party’s Spaceship Attack

Party battles against big red dragon in Dungeons & Dragons

A Dungeons & Dragons campaign ends several weeks earlier because of the player’s creative problem-solving.

A Dungeon Master who goes by the username Oliver Darkshire shared a story on Twitter about how their most recent adventure wrapped up 40 weeks ahead of schedule because “the group decided to crash a spaceship into the villain’s lair.” The DM labeled the decision as one of “the top 5 most creative campaign solutions” they’d seen. The poster also responded to a suggestion that they “could just have the villain leave for milk and come back with their lair gone” by stating, “I mean I *could* but you know what I gave them a flying vessel, I did this to myself.”


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D&D DM Stories Don’t Always End So Well

Not all Dungeon Masters react well when carefully constructed plans fall to the wayside. Over on the Dungeons & Dragons Subreddit, one frustrated player recounted an experience where the Dungeon Master forcibly changed their character’s class from an Oath of Devotion Paladin to a basic Fighter after implementing several homebrewed rules that majorly handicapped Paladin abilities. The OP also explained how they were accused of metagaming for wanting to take the Resilient Feat at Level 4.

Similarly, another Reddit user described their Dungeon Master’s petty response to the player rolling a Natural 20 on an Ability Check. Rather than succeeding, the poster’s character overthrew the item they were handling because “there was a window of success, you can’t roll too high nor roll too low.”

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A brand-new D&D player got accused of meta-gaming during their first campaign because they tried to learn the system’s rules. In the Reddit post, the new player describes how in their downtime, they read over the rule books in order to understand essential mechanics like “what a short rest was” because Dungeons & Dragons “is nothing like any of the games [they] played growing up.” Apparently, the Dungeon Master interpreted these actions unfavorably and kicked the newbie from the group. One commentator stated that the poster likely “dodged a bullet” of having to play with a bad group.

Wizards of the Coast’s New Dungeons & Dragons Edition

The newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons — codenamed One D&D — is expected to hit stores sometime in 2024. The updated system will feature significant overhauls of the rules for multiple classes. For example, the Ranger class is receiving several alterations to improve its combat potential, while the Wild Shape ability for the Druid class is being majorly reworked to the displeasure of many fans.

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