DnD Player Kicked From Party For Learning the Rules of the Game

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A new Dungeons & Dragons player has shared the weird reason they were kicked from their first campaign: learning the rules.

In a post made to the Subreddit for the classic tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG), the OP explains how they spent their free time reading over the rule books and learning the core mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons because “it is nothing like any of the games [they] played growing up.” The other players and the Dungeon Master apparently interpreted the newbie’s actions as metagaming and kicked them from the party.


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Members of the Subreddit initially asked for clarification about exactly what books they were reading and if the campaign was homebrew or an official module like Curse of Strahd. The OP responded in an edit, stating that the information they looked up only pertained to their D&D equipment, abilities or essential rules — like “what a short rest was” — and that “as far as [they] knew it was a custom campaign.” Because of the additional information, many commentators have jumped to the OP’s defense. One theorized that the group was just looking for any reason to kick the new player, while another stated that the newbie “dodged a bullet.”

DnD Players Have Negative Experiences With DMs

New Dungeons & Dragons players aren’t the only ones with negative experiences with the TTRPG because of unreasonable expectations. A different player posted to the Subreddit, recounting a bizarre interaction where the Dungeon Master punished them for rolling a Natural 20 on an ability check; instead of succeeding, the player’s character overthrew the item they were handling because “there was a window of success, you can’t roll too high nor too low.”

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Dungeons & Dragons Controversial One D&D and OGL Plans

Of course, many Dungeons & Dungeons players will have to learn new rules when the latest edition of the TTRPG — codenamed One D&D — debuts next year. Among other things, the updated system will feature substantial changes to the Ranger class to improve its overall combat potential. The Druid class will also receive a major rework with notable alterations to the Wild Shape ability, which has frustrated many players.

However, Kobold Press has vowed to keep the current edition — D&D 5e — alive with its Project Black Flag. Announced during the Open Gaming License controversy, the venture will attempt to “update, stream, and publish a core fantasy RPG based on” D&D 5e. The first entry in Project Black Flag — a queer-inclusive setting called The Vineyard RPG — is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter.

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