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Does Ryuji Ayukawa fall for Yatora Yaguchi in Blue Period?

Ryuji Ayukawa

Yatora Yaguchi is portrayed as a delinquent who drinks and smokes around with his friends at first. But he’s also a model student who gets good grades. He gets all these compliments on being a genius from his friends, but he just feels empty. After forgetting his cigarettes in the art club, Yatora comes there to find them. However, he finds his purpose instead. He gets inspired to draw after seeing a fellow senior’s oil painting of angels. Throughout the rest of the anime, we see him preparing to get into the Tokyo University of Arts. In this journey, we see several faces, one of them being Ryuji Ayukawa, an old friend of Yatora Yaguchi, but we are left to question, does she fall for him?

The ‘Blue period’ is a 2021 anime about art, passion, and just following your heart’s true desire in life. It is an adaptation of the manga with the same name, illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. Blue Period’s anime was one of my most waited shows in 2021. Accidentally coming across the trailer for the anime, I had high expectations from it. I love art and anything related to the art world. So to have an anime that delves into that world in detail is a treat.

As mentioned above, Blue Period revolves around Yatora Yaguchi who discovers the joys of painting through the art club at his school. As he learns just how much he enjoys painting, he starts to have the desire to become an artist. The anime only has 1 season with 12 Episodes as of now. So far, this season shows us the struggles that come before a student can even get into art college.

Ryuji Ayukawa

Who is Ryuji in Blue Period?

Ryuji Ayukawa, better known as Yuka-chan, is Yatora’s classmate and fellow art club member who invited him to the art club. She is gender-queer and professes to be bisexual to Yatora. She prefers her shortened nickname ‘Yuka’ to her real name Ryuji. Yuka specializes in Japanese art.

She has a tall and slim body with long, blonde hair that extends to her waist. She has long, full bangs that make her stand out. Yuka always wears a mix of male and female school uniforms to school, pairing a skirt with the boys’ blazer. At the art cram school, Yuka often wears a cute maid uniform while drawing and acts cute to get dates with different boys there. All of these show her opposition to societal norms and also her love for western feminine aesthetics.

Although Yuka specializes in Japanese art, her real passion lies in designing western clothes. But she did not choose that as her art major for college because she did not want to disappoint her grandmother. Yuka’s parents are not that supportive of her being LGBTQ+ and showing it off proudly. They don’t even care much about her artistic endeavors. One time, they even threw out all her stuff. When Yuka confronts them about it, her father punches her and tells her to go back to ‘normal’. Only her grandmother is the one who supports her. She was the one who taught Yuka about Japanese art, which is why she picked that major.

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Yatora and Yuka’s Friendship in Blue Period

Though they were originally on bad terms, Yatora and Yuka slowly bonded as Yatora began to realize Yuka was more than what meets the eye. In the anime, their first appearance together is them fighting. Yuka comments about his fake attitude towards life, whereas Yatora comments that she would get more success being a gold-digger than an artist. But their art teacher Miss Saeki stops them from having a full-on brawl. But Yuka was also the one who invited Yatora to help out at the art club. This was the final push he needed to actually start drawing seriously.

As the story progresses, their friendship grows too. They have a very casual friendship, always insulting each other but also helping when needed. Yatora, at first, did not truly understand Yuka’s struggles as a trans woman. So he just gave her some vague words of comfort when she got rejected by her date. But their bond really grows in episode 10, where they go to the beach. Yatora follows Yuka to the beach to help her gather her thoughts after her parents throw all her stuff out. There Yuka tells him about all the insecurities she has about her body, disappointing her grandmother and never quite fitting in.

Before checking out of the hotel, Yatora and Yuka draw themselves naked with a wooden partition separating them. She tells him that she had contemplated ending her life, but she can’t die yet because she still cares about what others will think about her body even after her death. She can’t die when she is still insecure about herself. Yuka suggests drawing himself naked, too, as Yatora’s honor students’ uniform might be getting too heavy these days. So they decide to do it together.

Yuka and Yaguchi drawing each other
Yuka and Yaguchi drawing each other

Does Ryuji Ayukawa fall for Yatora Yaguchi?

Unfortunately, for shippers, no, Ryuji Ayukawa does not fall or have anything but platonic love for Yatora Yaguchi. They are very good friends and will continue to remain that. The bond they share is very unique. In the beginning, they would just bicker with each other, with Yatora just thinking of her as a weirdo cross-dresser. Even when he thinks of her as a friend, he does not fully understand what she is going through and does not want to at times. However, he does understand his fault here after going to the beach with her. They are now friends who would “actually jump into the water if the other is drowning” in the words of Yuka-chan.

Where to watch Blue Period?

You can watch Blue Period on Netflix. It is currently the only official website where fans can stream the anime.

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