Doubting Thomas Ending Explained (Article ready)

What happens in the ending of Doubting Thomas? Doubting Thomas is an American movie headlining Will McFadden and directed by Antony O’Brien. The movie is inspired by the true story of Campbell’s father, Roger Campbell, who was killed by the police in 1987. Doubting Thomas is a love story of a white couple Thomas aka Tom and Jen, who give birth to a black baby. This film grapples with Tom, who is a lawyer, coming to terms with his racism. This 2017 film features an ideal white couple who gives birth to a black boy. Afterward, the duo concluded that either of them belongs to black ancestry. Meanwhile, Jen is getting adjusted to unfamiliar motherhood, and Tom withdraws from her.

Thankfully, their friend Ron, the only black lawyer at Tom’s firm, tries to help her. While Ron was helping Jen but assuming the worst, Tom acts aggressively towards them. He even told his wife Jen that he doesn’t want to raise a black child. All and all, the story is all about whether he will accept his son or not? Today in the article, we will talk about the movie Doubting Thomas and its ending. Firstly, we will talk about the plot and story of the movie, and thereafter we will get the ending of the movie explained. So, Let’s dive deeper into the movie.

Doubting Thomas Plot: Will Tom accept the child?

After Tom and Jen fought, she leaves his house and starts living in her parent’s house. Jen’s mother, Kate, invites Tom for dinner unbeknownst to Jen and shares vital information with him. She revealed that Jen’s biological father was black. Further, she explains that her husband Rogger tries to stop a robbery from happening, but when police arrived, they suspect him as the culprit mainly because he was black. Assuming he was the culprit, they put him in a chokehold, and he died. Later she asserts that he would have been alive if he was not black. After hearing the truth, will Tom accept his son? Well, that is what is there in the ending.

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Doubting Thomas Ending Explained

In the end, Tom receives a letter from Jen and a paternity test of his child Liam. She wrote it is quite difficult for her to forgive him, but she wants him to be a good father. When Tom goes outside to burn the test, he sees Liam playing. He looks at him, indicating he is ready for this new and beautiful journey of his life. Well, it’s unclear whether Jen forgives him or not.

However, Tom apologizes to Ron, but he ends up their friendship stating Tom proved himself a ‘racist.’ Even though Tom claims that he is not, but it does not affect Ron much.

The story ends there.

Doubting Thomas

Ron playing with Liam in the movie Doubting Thomas

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More about the Movie

Lexicon Entertainment presents ” Doubting Thomas,” written and screenplay by Will McFadden. The gorgeous Sarah Butter portrayed the character of Tom’s wife and Liam’s mother, Jen. Apart from them, the star cast Doubting Thomas includes Robert Belushi, Zack Cregger, James Morrison, and Melora Walters. Ron’s role was played by Jamie Hector. The movie was aiming to release in 2016, but it was finally released in 2017.

However, the movie was amazing, but Will McFadden’s acting and writing weren’t much appreciated. But then also the movie was nominated for seven awards, and they claimed 5 of them. It was the winner of the audience award at the dance with a film festival in 2018. Moreover,  Will McFadden received the best actor award for the movie at the Golden Door international award. In addition to that, it received the Best First Feature at the Tallgrass Film Festival.

If you want to watch this amazing movie, you can stream it on Netflix and Youtube. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Doubting ThomasDoubting Thomas

Tom the talking to Ron, a scene from the movie Doubting Thomas

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