Dragon Ball Revealed Piccolo’s New Form For The New Movie

Piccolo's New Form

Dragon Ball has been around for a long time and has gained fans throughout different generations. This anime is, thus, one of the longest-running anime with many sequels. Not very long ago the franchise decided to release a movie called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The movie was supposed to come out in Japan on April 22 2022. However, it was postponed because of a third-party hacker that affected the production works of the studio. Luckily for fans, the movie will come out much closer to the initial release date than expected.

As expected, the feature film will be focusing on Goku, his family as well as his friends as they face an old yet new threat who is the newly developed Red Ribbon Army that Goku once fought. Not only this but they have come up with newly developed Androids called Gamma 1 and 2. Thus, there will be a lot of development taking place within the central characters of the film in order to fight these villains.

Piccolo’s New Form

Dragon Ball recently revealed Piccolo’s new form which has got people more hyped. His form was released as a poster alongside the poster of Gohan. Although not much of a difference in his clothing style, Piccolo appears to be a lighter shade of green and a little bit taller. It is expected that his new form will further develop in the film as he powers up.

Further Details

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be the twenty-first feature film the franchise will be releasing. It will be produced by the studio Toei Animation and written by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball series. As mentioned above, the release date of the movie was postponed to June 11th 2022.

The movie will have most of the same cast from the Dragon Ball Super series. Masako Nozawa will be voicing the characters Goku, Gohan and Goten. Piccolo will be voiced by Toshio Furukawa. As for Vegeta and Krillin, Ryō Horikawa and Mayumi Tanaka will voice the characters, respectively. Other voice acting cast includes Yūko Minaguchi, Bin Shimada, Miki Itō, Takeshi Kusao, Aya Hisakawa and Miyano Mamoru.

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