October 26, 2021

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Home » Drawn & Quarterly Publishes Murasaki Yamada’s Talk To My Back Manga

Drawn & Quarterly Publishes Murasaki Yamada’s Talk To My Back Manga

Drawn & Quarterly Publishes Murasaki Yamada's Talk To My Back Manga

368-page book will ship in July 2022

Drawn & Quarterly announced on September 9 that it will publish a compiled edition of Murasaki Yamada‘s Talk To My Back manga in English. The book will have 368 pages and will retail for US$29.95. Drawn & Quarterly plans to release the manga in July 2022. Ryan Holmberg is translating the book.

An excerpt from the solicitation reads:

Set in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Tokyo, Yamada Murasaki’s Talk To My Back (1981–84) explores the fraying of Japan’s suburban middle-class dreams through a woman’s relationship with her two daughters as they mature and assert their independence, and with her husband, who works late and sees his wife as little more than a domestic servant.

The manga serialized in Garo in the early 1980s.

Yamada was born in Tokyo in 1948 and was a prominent feminist manga creator, essayist, and poet. She passed away in May 2009 while working as a professor at Kyoto Seika University.

Yamada made her debut in Mushi Production’s alternative manga magazine COM in 1969. Her work later appeared in Seirindo’s Monthly Manga Garo magazine and similar alternative-press publications. Among Yamada’s titles were Shōwaru-Neko, Ai no Katachi, and Shinkirari. She once ran for a seat in Japan’s House of Councillors as part of the Chikyū Club political organization in 1989.

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