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Eisner Award-winning Artist Gurihiru and Acclaimed Writer Samuel Sattin to Re-imagine Osamu Tezuka’s Unico

UNICO: AWAKENING (ユニコ: 目覚めのおはなし) is Coming Soon to Kickstarter from Octas, Inc.

An All New Manga, Plus Prints by Akira Himekawa, Junko Mizuno, Peach Momoko, Tomm Moore, Kamome Shirahama, & More

(April 19, 2022) Gurihiru (the Eisner Award winning artist team behind SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN and the highly anticipated ULTRAMAN: ANOTHER GENE) and Samuel Sattin (the acclaimed novelist and co-writer of CRUNCHYROLL‘S ESSENTIAL ANIME) are reinventing Osamu Tezuka‘s beloved character for a new generation of readers with an all new 162 page manga titled UNICO: AWAKENING (ユニコ: 目覚めのおはなし). A pre-launch page that fans can click on to get an email when the UNICO: AWAKENING Kickstarter campaign launches, is now live.

Sattin and Gurihiru, who has illustrated THE LAST AIRBENDER and IT’S JEFF, are working in careful coordination with Tezuka Productions in Japan to bring their new vision forward. To celebrate Unico‘s return the UNICO: AWAKENING Kickstarter campaign will have also have a variety of amazing additional rewards, including rare 16 x 24 collectible prints by Akira Himekawa (THE LEGEND OF ZELDA), Junko Mizuno (RAVINA THE WITCH), Soo Lee (ASH & THORN), Katie Longua (ROK), Peach Momoko (DEMON DAYS), Kamome Shirahama (WITCH HAT ATELIER), tokitotokoro (FOR A GOOD MAN), and Academy Award Nominated Animator Tomm Moore (WOLFWALKERS). There are a total of 3 prints by Peach Momoko.

Osamu Tezuka‘s UNICO tells the unforgettable story of a child unicorn who, after enraging the gods with his ability to sway human emotions towards positivity and hope, is banished from the heavens, and taken across space and time until he forgets all he once was. Saved from oblivion by the Spirit of the West Wind, she now brings him from era to era, constantly on the move. Wherever he goes he continues to help others, before having to escape the gods again, and having his memory erased anew.

Unico has the power to make a person happy when they are loved,” said Gurihiru. “I would like to share with others the kindness and strength of Unico, which will never change even as the times change.”

“It is our hope that, in modern times where the world can sometimes seem bleak, we can offer a tale of resilience in homage to the God of Manga’s original messaging of social welfare and eco-consciousness,” said Sattin.

For updates on the Kickstarter, follow the official UNICO: AWAKENING Twitter account. To get an email when the UNICO: AWAKENING Kickstarter campaign is launched, click on the pre-launch page.

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