Elder Scrolls 6 Should Make the Intriguing Dwemer Race Playable

Elder Scrolls Dwemer

The Elder Scrolls contains a lot of rich lore. and secrets. The biggest mystery of the series could make for a great addition to the next game.

The Elder Scrolls VI is one of the more anticipated upcoming games at the moment. The series has consistently pushed the boundaries of video games, and like many Bethesda titles, it has vast open worlds in which players can immerse themselves. The fifth entry in the series, Skyrim, set a standard for all open-world games that followed. It also became the best-selling entry in the series, and fans are still putting countless hours into the game today. With its amazing success, it begs the question: how can The Elder Scrolls VI innovate on its predecessor?

One way in which The Elder Scrolls VI could stand out would be with the inclusion of a new playable race, the Dwemer. The Dwemer are the franchise’s version of Dwarves seen in other fantasy works. The Dwemer are described as incredibly smart and resourceful, and they were leagues beyond the other people of Tamriel in science, math, technology, and many other areas of life. They were also said to have created incredibly advanced machinery from siege weaponry to vehicles and robots. The Dwemer are an incredibly fascinating part of the lore of The Elder Scrolls series, but they have never been playable in the series due to the race’s disappearance.

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The Dwemer Can Add More Variety to Gameplay

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The Elder Scrolls Dwemer ruins

The previous entries in The Elder Scrolls series have featured the same races and classes. The franchise has excelled at making each class unique and changing features in each new game to make the races and classes feel fresh and new. Adding a new race and class, however, would be a welcome change of pace for fans. Despite the updates made to each race and class, many avid Elder Scrolls fans have a deep understanding of what they want to play as and they have developed optimal strategies for each. By including the Dwemer as a playable race, it would open up dozens of possibilities for gameplay as well as cater to fans who have an affinity for Dwarven races.

Including a Dwarven race obviously opens up new features and abilities, but the Dwemer, in particular, have a unique set of skills that could open up new class possibilities. The Dwemer have extensive knowledge and abilities that are similar to the fantasy artificer class found in many fantasy RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. Giving players the option to craft and create gadgets and robots would open up a variety of gameplay opportunities. It would also provide players with new skills to explore and level up. It would allow for new story options as well.

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A Dwarven robotic creation from The Elder Scrolls

As stated, the Dwemer have vanished from the world of Tamriel, and what happened to them has never been revealed. The only information that fans have about the race is what they have learned from clues left in the world of each game. Players have to dig deep into the Elder Scrolls‘ lore by exploring mines, reading in-game history books, and looking at architecture to gather information about the Dwemer.

If players finally got the chance to play as one of them, it could provide more clues about their fate, and it would radically change the interactions that players could have with other inhabitants of Tamriel. Even though the Dwemer disappeared long before most of The Elder Scrolls games, there are still ways to incorporate a playable version of the race. A prequel entry in the series would open up this possibility and Bethesda is no stranger to creating prequels to long-running series. Further, with enough clever writing, the race could re-enter Tamriel whenever the next game takes place.

Unfortunately, Elder Scrolls producer Todd Howard has often said that he is uninterested in including the Dwemer in the series outside their current references in the games. That doesn’t mean it will never happen though, and the mystery of their disappearance is still one that fans are piecing together. The Elder Scrolls VI is the perfect place to introduce a playable version of the Dwemer, and it would help make the game stand out from previous entries in the series. The Dwemer could propel The Elder Scrolls VI beyond the success that Skyrim achieved.


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