Engage Kiss Anime Official Teaser Release, Cast & Crew

Engage Kiss anime

Many trailers and previews of new anime have been coming out lately with preparations for their release in the Summer quarter of the year. Thus, anime watchers can look forward to exciting announcements. Engage Kiss Anime Official Teaser just came out and the anime will be coming out this summer. The production team of the Engage Kiss anime has recently revealed a lot of information about the upcoming anime including additional cast details and the official premiere date.

Engage Kiss is an original anime project created by the studio A-1 Pictures. It falls under the romantic genre and has comedic themes. The project was announced earlier this year on the 25th of March through Aniplex. The announcement also included the release of a teaser visual image and a few of the cast members. Since then fans have anticipated further news from the production team for this new rom-com anime. The characters looked interesting as well as the newly introduced promotional video.

Engage Kiss Anime Promotional Video

The promotional video mentioned below was released in a live-stream event hosted by A-1 Pictures. It gives us insights into the main characters of the anime as well as the world they live in. The animation of the PV looks pleasing as well which has captivated anime viewers with anticipation.

What is the upcoming anime about?

The anime introduces us to the life and relationship of three unusual people living in an unusual world. We are introduced to the main character Shuu Ogata who tries to live a life without any complications. He owns a business where he lives but cannot seem to manage himself alone. The next main character from the anime is a short pink-haired girl named Kisara. Kisara is a girl who is shown to be polite and caring towards Shuu. Since he is bad at handling chores as well as himself, she takes it on herself to help him based on a contract out of concern. However, there is much more to Kisara than what appears on the surface, just like the storyline.

Lastly, the third main character introduced to us is Ayano Yuugiri who happens to be Shuu’s ex-girlfriend. She is an agent and used to be a co-worker at Shuu’s business. As the PV shows, the story takes a dark turn that disrupts the lives of these characters. These characters get involved in an unpredictable romance that could go in any direction.

Engage Kiss Anime Poster Featuring the Main Characters

Engage Kiss Anime Cast and Crew

The anime is directed by Tomoya Tanaka. Tomoya Tanaka has previously worked as a storyboard artist as well as an episode director for many anime in the past including Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, and The Seven Deadly Sins. Maruto Fumiaki is working on the scripts for the anime.

The animation character design will be taken up by Masaaki Takiyama and the role of the assistant animation character designer is taken up by Chiaki Furuzumi. Masaaki Takiyama has previously worked for the anime Banana Fish and The Fate series. Chiaki Furuzumi has been a part of the production team for the anime Death Note and Black Butler. They both are also working as the chief animation director for the anime. As heard in the promotional video, the theme song of the anime named “Darekare Scramble” will be sun by Halca.

Voice Acting Cast

Previously, when Aniplex announced the upcoming anime, they also revealed the main cast. The main character Shuu Ogata is voiced by Souma Saitou. Souma Saitou has previously voiced the characters Miyano Yoshikazu from Sasaki to Miyano and James Moriarty from Moriarty the Patriot. The second main character, Kisara is voiced by Aizawa Saya. She is famous for voicing the characters Norn Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation and Yuzuki Tachibana from Taisho Otome Fairytale. Lastly, Lynn will be voicing the third main character Ayano Yuugiri. Lynn has previously voiced the characters Hibana from Fire Force and Sakura Yamauchi from the movie I Want To Eat Your Pancreas.

Engage Kiss animeEngage Kiss anime
Kisara and Shuu

Additional voice acting cast has been revealed. The voice actor Rumi Ookubo will be voicing the newly introduced character Sharon Holygrail. Rumi Ookubo has been a voice actor for the characters Nona from Death Parade and Nana Hiiragi from Talentless Nana.

Engage Kiss anime Release Date

The Engage Kiss anime project will officially launch on the 2nd of July 2022 as per the promotional video.

A mobile game from the franchise will be released additionally. It will be named “Engage Kill” and will be produced by Square Enix.

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