Eternals Star Wants to Bring the DC’s Deadpool to James Gunn’s DCU

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Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani wants to bring the Deadpool-esque character Ambush Bug into James Gunn’s DC Universe with a feature film.

Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani has revealed Ambush Bug as the one comic book character he would love to bring to life for James Gunn’s DC Universe.

“I’d love to tackle something — do you know DC Comics? [Do] you know who Ambush Bug is?” asked Nanjiani during an interview with Happy Sad Confused‘s Josh Horowitz. After Horowitz replied that he wasn’t familiar with the character, Nanjiani said, “Okay, well I want to do an Ambush Bug movie. He’s like this news reporter guy. He’s weird.” He also revealed that the main reason he wants to do an Ambush Bug film is “because there’s no pressure on it, you know? If I do Superman, everybody’s got a different idea of Superman and if it doesn’t match up, they’re upset. Ambush Bug, nobody cares about.”

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Created by artist Keith Giffen, Ambush Bug first appeared in 1982’s DC Comics Presents #52 and was originally pitched by Giffen as “Bugs Bunny as a supervillain.” The character has sporadically appeared in DC Comics since his debut, often assisting the superhero teams Doom Patrol, Justice League and the Suicide Squad. Aside from a few video game appearances, the character has only been adapted once, appearing in the series finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

While it is currently unknown if DC Studios head James Gunn has plans to use Ambush Bug in his revamped DCU, the writer/director has previously mentioned that the shared universe will focus “on the most well-known and some lesser-known characters simultaneously.” So far, the only confirmed character that will appear in the new DCU is Clark Kent/Superman, with Gunn scripting the Man of Steel’s next big screen adventure. Despite rumors that Euphoria star Jacob Elordi had been cast as the Big Blue Boy Scout, Gunn has stated that casting on the upcoming Superman film will not begin until after he has finished the film’s script.

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Beyond Gunn’s Superman, the rest of the DCU film slate remains largely unknown at this time. However, Gunn recently revealed that he is busy penning scripts for an unannounced DCU series. The DC Studios head is expected to partially reveal the first slate of DCU projects before the end of January. Some characters that Gunn has teased in the past that fans expect to be part of the first wave of new DCU content include the Green Lantern Corps, Lobo and Green Arrow. Gunn will also be meeting with Matt Reeves to discuss how The Batman Universe will interlock and run parallel to the DCU.

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