Every Batgirl Costume In Gotham Knights, Ranked

Split image of various Batgirl suits in Gotham Knights

With Gotham Knights, gamers can create the superhero suit they’ve always imagined. Like all the Knights, Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, has fourteen suit styles to craft. Most of them are customizable, featuring interchangeable pieces.

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When it comes to Batgirl, it’s difficult to call any of the available suits bad or even mediocre. However, some suit styles clearly stand out from others in terms of quality. These epic suits turn Batgirl into everything from a dark urban ninja to a cyberpunk superhero and even versions seen in the comics.

14 Shinobi Is Stylish If A Bit Overdesigned

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With the Bat-Family operating like ninjas, a Japanese-inspired suit was practically inevitable. With Shinobi, Batgirl transforms into a deadly ninja with armor that stylistically embraces an ancient Japanese style meant to represent the antithesis of the League Of Shadows.

Some players will certainly consider the Shinobi suit to be their favorite, and that’s what matters. Shinobi is a little busy with its design, no matter the gear and color options, but it still maintains its sense of appeal.

13 Neon Noir Is A New Take On A Modern Hero

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Each of the Knights receives a fresh take on their designs with the Neon Noir suit style. These threads are basically meant to look like suits modern-day young adults would create to fight crime in Gotham City.

In Batgirl’s case, the Neon Noir design is a radical change for her that could attract some players and detract others who want a more classic look. As is, the short cape, sleek design for the suit, and long ears with the different gear options offer some standout loadouts to wear across Gotham City.

12 Titan Suits Are Easy To Overlook

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With a lot of spikes and ridges across the whole suit, the Titan for Batgirl is much like Shinobi, where it can come off as too much. Thankfully, that’s something that can be cured with different options for gloves, boots, and cowl.

There is nothing particularly bad about the Titan suit style for Batgirl, it just blends in with other suits. It rarely appears as a higher-grade blueprint and the transmogs version of Titan doesn’t utilize the best look of all possible loadouts. Still, Titan is a solid suit to unlock early in Gotham Knights.

11 Demon Resembles Cassandra Cain As Batgirl

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There are those who consider Cassandra Cain to be their favorite version of Batgirl, and Demon would easily be the best costume option for those fans. The suit makes Batgirl look closer to an assassin from the League Of Shadows featured in Gotham Knights, and that’s far from a bad thing.

The Demon suit gives Batgirl an intimidating presence, especially with darker colorways that can be unlocked. With the right customization, Barbara Gordon can suddenly look like a modern revamp of Cassandra Cain’s Black Bat phase.

10 The New Guard Is A Strong Starter Suit

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The New Guard is the first suit seen on the Gotham Knights cover and is what every player starts with at the beginning of the game. As a starter suit, The New Guard is Warner Bros. Games Montréal’s original design that pays homage to the many years of Batgirl.

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The New Guard has elements of Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl, the Batgirl of Burnside, and more. With all gear options and colorways, The New Guard stands out on its own and could be one of Barbara’s top-tier designs.

9 Knighthood Transforms Batgirl Into The New Protector

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Every Bat-Family member is rewarded with the Knighthood suit for completing the game. It signifies the end of their character arc in Gotham Knights as they take Batman’s place as the guardians of Gotham City. These unique suits fit that ideal.

The Knighthood takes several elements from different suits and fuses them with a jet-black color scheme to make the character look like Batman’s successor. The only downside to Knighthood is that it is only a transmogs with no customization options, which feels like a missed opportunity.

8 Beyond Beautifully Embraces Cyberpunk Aesthetics

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As the name suggests, the Beyond suit style is meant to invoke Terry McGinnis’ Batman Beyond suit, with a futuristic aesthetic that embraces the cyberpunk subgenre with open arms. Instead of the flat black suit that Batman Beyond is known for, Gotham Knights portrays Beyond as more bio-organic.

Batgirl has a special detail, with her glider cape growing out of the suit when her traversal ability is activated. Little details like that combined with the gear options go a long way in making Beyond a major selling point for the Visionary Pack DLC.

7 Privateer Brings Old-School Elegance To Batgirl

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The Privateer suit harkens to the Elseworld stories of the past, which feature DC heroes if they were depicted in a different time period. Privateer explores what the Bat-Family would look like if they existed in the golden age of piracy during the 17th century.

On Batgirl, the Privateer suit style gives Barbara Gordon a classic pirate design that wouldn’t be out of place in a Pirates of The Caribbean movie. The gear options feature clothing and armor that are ornate in design, resulting in one of the better looks in the game that fits when battling against Talons.

6 The Talon Suit Is Exactly What Fans Expect

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A fun detail is that each member of the Bat-Family has a Talon-inspired suit based on the different Talon enemies the player encounters throughout the story. Batgirl resembles the Talon Assassin and similar to the Demon suit, the Talon suit has a more intimidating design.

The Talon suit is more or less what any fan of the Court Of Owls expects if they hear that the Gotham Knights features Talon transmogs. They’re unlikely to be disappointed by the stylish threads, except for their lack of customization.

5 Eternal Brings New Comic Book Flair To Batgirl

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It’s difficult to compare the Eternal suits to anything seen prior, which is a compliment to the concept designers. Eternal brings an armored design for the Knights, reminiscent of upgrades superheroes often get in comic book movies.

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In a way, Eternal can be seen as the middle ground between New Guard and Knighthood. Not only does it feel like a proper upgrade, but it embraces an aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place in a comic book alongside the long line of Batgirl designs.

4 Knight Ops Is Perfect For The Matt Reeves Movies

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Where something like the Eternal suit aims for a flashy and fantastical design, Knight Ops clearly aims to be a darker, more realistic take on a Batgirl design. So much so that this exact design could be featured in a Matt Reeves’ The Batman sequel, and it compliment the film’s grittier style.

Knights Ops is reminiscent of military uniforms but has just enough flair to it to keep it from looking generic. With Batgirl, this suit arguably comes the closest to resembling a suit that Batman himself would wear.

3 Knightwatch Is Straight Out Of The Comics

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Most of the suits featured in Gotham Knights are original designs for the game, whereas the Knightwatch transmogs appeal to gamers who just want suits from the comics. Batgirl’s in particular is taken from the pages of Gail Simone’s Batgirl run.

Knightwatch is simple but effective, even if it is only a transmogs with no options to change the gear or color. This suit’s epic design comes courtesy of famous DC artist and creative chief Jim Lee designing the Knightwatch set for Gotham Knights.

2 Year One Remembers That Batgirl Is A Homemade Hero

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It’s easy to forget that Barbara Gordon wasn’t originally the tenacious Bat-Family member she is now. She took it upon herself to create her entire loadout of equipment and make her Batgirl suit from scratch. The Year One suit maintains that idea by featuring a design that looks like Barbara made it from items she found.

The Year One torso piece resembles police armor which Barbara could have taken from her father. She wraps her hands in cloth, and her boots are simple combat boots. All the Year One suits feature this homemade style, but Batgirl seems to fit the style the most.

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If Barbara Gordon was an official member of the Justice League taking on the likes of Darkseid or The Legion Of Doom, the Metal suit style would perfectly suit that role. It gives Batgirl a memorable look, while giving her a nice upgrade of armor.

It’s become common to give superheroes some kind of special armor, and Batman has had plenty of them in the past. With Batgirl’s Metal suit, there is a nice balance of armor pieces and a bodysuit to keep her from looking too bulky while still appearing prepared for an alien invasion.

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