Every Dead Island 2 Lost & Found Quest Location (& How To Find Them)

Two zombies appear in Dead Island 2

Published on April 21, 2023, Dead Island 2 is an action RPG featuring 15 Lost & Found Quests. There are 6 Lost Weapon Quests and 9 Missing Person Quests, giving players plenty of tasks to complete between the main story missions. But, of course, finding the location of each quest is more complicated than it seems.

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To guide gamers through as smooth a playthrough as possible, it’s worth noting the quickest shortcuts to finding the 15 quest locations spread across the large Southern California map. From Bel Air and Beverly Hills to Venice and Ocean Avenue, gamers, look no further.



15 The Clean And The Snatch

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The Clean and The Snatch is a Lost Weapons quest in Beverly Hills. In order to find and unlock the weapon, players must obtain a journal by the pool in the Beverly Hills HQ.

After scouring Beverly Hills for three more journals, players will be led to a lockbox at the bottom of a pool. To open the box, players must go to Bel Air and defeat Obi, the zombie pool cleaner, take his keys, return to the pool, and open the locked box.

14 My Mailman Was A Zombie

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My Mailman Was A Zombie is a Lost Weapons Quest in Bel Air in the innovative zombie video game. Players must complete the main story mission Clickbait before finding a journal near a delivery truck on Alpine Drive.

Once the journal is found, players need to procure three mail packages around Bel Air, defeat the zombie mailman, Wayne, take his keys, and use them to unlock the lost weapon stowed in a crate behind the delivery truck on Alpine Drive.

13 Fool’s Gold

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Fool’s Gold is a Lost Weapons Quest on The Santa Monica Pier. Players must slay the zombie Dante beneath the pier to find the hidden weapon and collect the journal he drops.

After finding three more journals around the pier, players need to travel east of the Lifeguard Hut. When zombies appear, slaying them will lead to a secret safe buried in the sand. Then, using the code from the journals, players can unlock the weapon.

12 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash

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Joe’s Rainy Day Stash is a Lost Weapons Quest in Venice Beach. To locate the quest, players must complete Main Quest #14, collect Jo’s journal, and enter a store with a shark on the building.

After breaking into the building, players can find a Staff Room Key on the window sill. This leads to a search for three more of Jo’s journals on the streets of Venice. Once found, the stash of weapons is located on the roof of Marla’s Tapas and Tacos.


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[REDACTED] is a Lost Weapons Quest in Venice Beach. Upon completing the main story and every side quest, players must travel to the barracks west of Venice Beach and obtain a journal from zombie Lt. Ford.

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Traveling the northwest portion of Venice takes players to a high-voltage electric hazard container. In order to find the lost weapons, players must destroy the stones blocking the path to the container and pick up the stash behind it.

10 Drunk And Disorderly

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Drunk and Disorderly is the final Lost Weapons Quest. Once finishing the main story, players must visit the Lotusville Mall on Ocean Avenue and enter the restroom just beyond the wall with a golden “1” marked on it.

Inside the bathroom is a journal. Two more journals must be found; one inside Lenny’s Tattoo parlor and another in Pier Grille. Players must slay a zombie named Jordan, take its car keys, and drive to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue, where a white SUV holds the lost weapon.

9 Missing: Laura

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To find Laura, players must travel from Ocean Avenue to Venice Beach and search a police station for two journals across from her cell. Blast through the fuse box to gain access to the hallway to find the cell.

After slaying the zombie police chief on the station’s east side and taking his keys, go back to Laura’s cell. A zombie Laura will suddenly appear and need to be killed. While optional, players can also kill Laura’s zombie friend and loot her journal.

8 Missing: Davis

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To find Davis in the anticipated 2023 game, players must travel from Ocean Avenue to the east side, Venice Beach. Past the fire at the end of the map is a row of buses.

Upon finding a journal in the back of the last bus, players are guided back to the Santa Monica Pier. North of the pier, Evacuation Buses can be spotted past a horde of zombies. Once getting past the zombies, Davis will appear in Crusher form, requiring players to kill him and take his phone.

7 Missing: Jamal

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To find Jamal, players should fast-travel from Ocean Avenue to the Halperin Hotel on Palms Boulevard. In the yellow search area outside the hotel, two security guard huts by the hotel have fuse boxes that need to be shot.

Once the boxes are shot, two journals can be found that reveal Jamal’s whereabouts. Travel east of the hotel to find Jamal’s pick-up truck, where zombies will approach. Among them is Jamal, who must be killed and his keys looted.

6 Missing: Pablo

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To find Pablo, players need to visit the Venice Beach Tattoo Parlor. A journal will guide players south to Muscle Beach Nutrition, where a circuit breaker inside an Auto Shop must be used to open the nutrition store.

Once entering, another journal will guide players north to the Gang Green shop. There, a zombie named Doc Martin must be killed and the Gang Green Gate Key taken. While Pablo isn’t spotted, access will be granted to the Gang Green shop, where another journal can be used to complete the quest.

5 Missing: Greg

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To find Greg, use fast travel to locate waypoints in a parking garage on Ocean Avenue. Inside the garage by the elevator on the right side, two large boxes blocking entry must be destroyed.

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Taking the elevator down, Greg begins singing behind a closed shutter. After listening and eventually talking to him, a circuit breaker in the garage must be placed in the wall beside a workbench. A wave of zombies will attack, forcing players to helplessly watch Greg suffer a gruesome demise.

4 Missing: Shane

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To find Shane in the must-play horror game, visit Venice Beach from Ocean Avenue and travel to the Lifeguard Hut to obtain a journal. Directions are given to go north to Lifeguard Hut #18, where a horde of zombies protects another journal.

Slaying the zombies and reading the journal takes players to the Lifeguard HQ’s south exit on the Santa Monica Pier. A lifeguard named TJ appears as a Fire Crusher mini-boss and must be killed. While Shane isn’t found, the quest will be completed.

3 Missing: Nadia

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To find Nadia, a red objective marker leads players to waypoints at the Metro Station. A map on the wall gives four numerical code digits that must be found individually and used to unlock Nadia from the station.

Once finding all four separate digit codes marked on the map, it’s fairly easy to locate Nadia stuck in a hidden room in the station. However, now a Screamer zombie, Nadia will aggressively attack the player after finding her and helping her escape.

2 Missing: Steve

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To find Steve in the superb PC exclusive game, travel to Monarch Studios in Beverly Hills. Upon visiting Sitcom Set 3, obtaining one journal, and interacting with three items, directions will be given to head south on the lot.

After obtaining another journal from an actor’s trailer on set (with traps), directions will guide players to Steve in Beverly Hills. While finding him is just that simple, to complete the quest, players must bring three specific zombie types back to Steve and defeat them.

1 Missing: Rainier

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To find Rainier, travel to the northeast Labs on Ocean Avenue and slay a Fire Slobber. A dropped journal will lead to the Metro Station on Hollywood Boulevard, where a red door must be found.

In the hallway north of the door, another journal leads to a Crusher zombie named Lenny. Defeating Lenny grants a Utility Closet Key that opens the Red Door, where Rainier abruptly detonates as a Burster zombie.

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