Everything Everywhere All at Once Fans Can Now Own an Official A24 Pet Rock

verything Everywhere All At Once rock on a beach with cartoon eyes

The A24 shop now sells a pet rock with googly eyes, referencing Michelle Yeoh’s interdimensional Everything Everywhere All At Once moment.

A24 is selling an officially licensed Pet Rock with googly eyes to celebrate the newly Oscar-nominated Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Just like the 1970s fad, the Pet Rock comes complete with a cardboard box with breathing holes, a pile of straw for the rock to sleep on and a handbook titled The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock. Unlike other Pet Rocks, this one has two big googly eyes in the middle, referencing the scene from the film where Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) jumps into a dimension where she and her daughter (Stephanie Hsu) are rocks in an empty desert. The box itself contains lines from the moviw. including, “Oh good. You’re here too,” and has an official stamp of approval from Pet Rock creator Gary Dahl. This eccentric collector’s item sells for $35 on the A24 store.

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The rock isn’t the only bizarre Everything Everywhere merchandise on A24’s website. There’s also a “Hot Dog Finger Gloves” gag gift which references the movie’s recurring dimension where Evelyn and her archenemy Deirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis) are a married couple with elongated, wobbly sausage fingers. And for anyone who feels so inclined, a beeswax “Auditor of the Month” candle engraved with Dierdre’s name is available. This is based on the suggestive trophy in the tax auditing office which becomes a crucial part of a highly unusual fight scene midway through the film. The store also sells simple bags of Everything Everywhere-branded googly eyes for just $2.

The new merchandise follows the recent news that Everything Everywhere All at Once is nominated for 11 Oscars at the upcoming 95th Academy Awards. These nominations include Best Picture, Best Director for Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Best Actress for Yeoh, Best Supporting Actor for Key Huy Quan and Best Supporting Actress for both Curtis and Hsu. The film has the most nominations overall at this year’s Academy Awards, and Yeoh’s nomination marks the first time an Asian lead has been up for Best Actress.

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Due to the film’s success, the Daniels and Yeoh have been asked in interviews whether a sequel might be in the works. So far, they’ve all answered no, with the Daniels explaining that any claims of a sequel were jokes they made before they knew the movie would be successful enough to justify one. Yeoh also answered no, but suggested a spinoff could be fun.

Source: A24, via Collider


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