Everything We Saw in Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Neomuna Trailer

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The latest trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming Lightfall expansion shows off the cyberpunk-styled city of Neomuna and the Darkness encroaching on it.

Destiny 2 saw the latest trailer for its upcoming Lightfall expansion drop on Jan. 17, giving Guardians a closer look at the city of Neomuna, hidden away in Neptune. While short and full of new sights that fans are still trying to figure out, the trailer shows off the cyberpunk-infused style of Destiny 2‘s next big step.

The game’s seventh expansion — set to release at the end of February — is to be the third in a four-part story told in Destiny 2‘s most recent DLC. The campaign takes Guardians to a recently discovered civilization hidden on Neptune, called Neomuna, that has somehow survived in the background since the fall of humankind. The DLC promises new weapons, raids, and the Strand subclass, along with major changes to the current meta of the game. With the game known for its harsh learning curve, Destiny 2 is looking to add new-player-friendly features to help bring in more Guardians to explore its new neon world.

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Neomuna Is Destiny 2’s Take on Cyberpunk Style

Cyberpunk as a genre has been coming back in a major way in recent years — thanks in large part to the success of titles like Cyberpunk 2077 — and now Bungie is providing its own take on the genre with the neon-filled streets of Neomuna. With most Destiny settings involving strange alien worlds and lost civilizations, the sleek style of Neomuna immediately gives the location a unique and refreshing flare. The trailer also introduces players to the Cloud Striders, the defenders of Neomuna and likely allies during Lightfall‘s campaign. Not much has been made clear about these strange new allies, but they are currently explained as volunteers who underwent enhancements to serve as defenders of their home.

Guardians also saw more of the upcoming Strand subclasses, showing off the Broodweaver, Threadrunner, and Berserker taking on Vex and the Shadow Legion. The neon green digital colors show that it’s not just Neomuna that’s taking on a cyberpunk look, and the game will no doubt provide a number of iconic weapons with a Cyberpunk 2077 style. Players are still in the dark about what new mechanics these weapons and subclasses will bring to the game, but they will no doubt change Destiny 2 just as much as The Witch Queen did when it was released.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall Still Has Many Unknowns

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Despite all the new pieces of lore and world shown off in the Neomuna trailer, Guardians still have little in the way of details on where this new expansion will be taking them. With the deeper lore of Destiny 2 containing a lot of wild things, there’s no telling just what strangeness is yet to be discovered on Neptune. The trailer heavily features fan-favorite villain Calus and his Shadow Legion as a major threat for the duration of its clips, while also showing off the mysterious Tormentors, disciples of The Darkness. With the growing conflict between Light and Dark expected to have its final conclusion in the expansion after Lightfall, players should expect things to reach their lowest points yet.

With Lightfall set to be released on Feb. 28, Guardians will still have another month to go before they can start off on the next step in Destiny 2‘s story. With a host of changes coming with the expansion’s new content, Destiny‘s meta will likely see a huge change-up as experienced players work out the mechanics while an influx of new players interested in seeing what Neomuna has to offer join their fellow Guardians in the fight against Darkness.


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