Everything You Need to Know About the Tortoise Spirit in the Rising of the Shield Hero

Everything you need to know about Tortoise Spirit in the Rising of the Shield Hero
Tortoise Spirit in the Rising of the Shield Hero

This spring, the Rising of the Shield Hero anime received a second season, and it is unquestionably one of the greatest isekai genre anime currently available. It’s also one of the top anime releases of the spring season. However, many fans have been interested in the potential threat that has surfaced since the anime’s release. The tortoise spirit has been a big issue in the anime since the first episode of the second season of The Rising of the Shield Hero aired. So, for this piece, we’ll gather all of the information we have on the tortoise spirit from The Rising of the Sheild Hero.

The Rising of the Shield Hero anime, like Re: Zero, is based on a dark fantasy isekai light book series. Aneko Yusagi wrote the series, while Seira Minami drew it. It was first published as a web novel on the Shosetsuka ni Naro user-generated novel site. The novel was then illustrated by Seira Minami, and the series was released by Media Factory. The same-named manga was also published by Media Factory, with Aiya Kyuo as the writer and illustrator. The manga series has 22 volumes and more than 80 chapters as of February 2022.

Kinema Citrus studio confirmed the anime adaptation for the series in 2017. On January 9, 2019, the first season of The Rising of the Shield Hero was released. It lasted until June 26, 2022, with a total of 25 episodes. The second season of the anime was also confirmed, and three years after the first season, the second season began broadcasting on April 6, 2022. So far, three episodes have been released, and fans are eager to learn more about the new foe known as the tortoise spirit.

About The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime

The Rising of the Shield Hero anime, like any Isekai genre anime, is about a college student who is transferred into another world. The kingdom of Melromarc has called four young boys to be the Four Cardinal Heroes, tasked with stopping the waves of this new realm from summoning monsters and evil spirits. Every Hero is endowed with a weapon such as a spear, bow, sword, or shield. The Sheild is regarded as the weakest, and it is bestowed onto our protagonist, Naofumi Iwatani. Because he is the weakest, he is looked down on by the other three heroes, and no one offers to assist him in his quest to stop the waves.

The Rising of the Shield Hero second seasonThe Rising of the Shield Hero second season
Rising of the Shield Hero Second season poster

Malty, the gorgeous daughter of King Melromarc, volunteers to assist Naofumi in his journey to halt the waves. She, on the other hand, betrays Naofumi and falsely accuses him of attempting to have his way with her. Everyone in the Melromarc kingdom begins to despise Naofumi. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Naofumi embarks on a trip by himself to reclaim his reputation and exact retribution on those who have wronged him. Naofumi purchases a slave who is a demi-human to join him on his journey. The plot then follows the voyage of Naofumi, who promises to clear his name, thus the title “The Rising of the Shield Hero.”

There are so far three episodes of the second season of the anime have come out and in every episode, the tortoise spirit has been a hot topic of discussion. So without further ado, let’s dive into, what is the tortoise spirit in the rising of the shield hero?

What is the Tortoise Spirit in The Rising of the Shield Hero?

The tortoise spirit is a gigantic creature who carries a mountain on his back to bring even more devastation than the waves of catastrophe. It is immense, even larger than a mountain. The tortoise spirit was mentioned in the first episode of the anime’s second season. The countdown for the waves came to a halt as Naofumi prepared to confront the creatures from the waves. According to folklore, the resurrection of the tortoise spirit caused the countdown to come to a halt. As the countdown ends, creatures like “Bats” emerge they are also known as familiar with the tortoise spirit, and assault Raphtalia’s village. Naofumi with the help of Rapthalia and Filo manages to repel them, but a mystery woman follows them.

Tortoise Spirit Tortoise Spirit
Tortoise Spirit from Rising of the Shield Hero

The tortoise spirit is later revealed to be the first legendary beast among the known Guardian Beasts. The lady who appeared in front of Naofumi and his colleagues in the late monarch of the tortoise spirit kingdom’s concubine and regent of the tortoise spirit realm. Her name is Ost Hourai, and she discloses that she is a human familiar of the tortoise spirit. The tortoise spirit has many familiar types and they are usually seen in the form of monsters (such as bats and yetis) and humans also. Later, there was also a parasite in the form of a mix of monsters.

Why does it exist and what is its purpose?

The major reason for the Melromarc kingdom summoning the four heroes was to stop the calamity’s waves. However, in the absence of the four heroes, it is the Tortoise spirit’s responsibility to halt the waves of disaster. The tortoise spirit exploits human souls to accomplish this purpose. So, in order to collect the souls of people, the tortoise has two sorts of familiars: monster familiars and human familiars. While monster familiars directly slaughter humans and collect souls, human familiars do it in a unique and intriguing method.

Many human familiars, like the Human familiar Ost Hourai, may be found across the kingdom. They aim to be the concubines of the kings and regents of the nations whenever feasible. They incite wars by bad-mouthing and manipulating rulers and kingdoms, resulting in hundreds of thousands of fatalities. In the absence of the four heroes, the conflict accumulates enough souls to halt the waves.

Rising of the Shield HeroRising of the Shield Hero
Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 end credits

The mountain-sized tortoise spirit itself moves on the denser population of the areas to kill people by trampling over them as a final option to halt the gates. It might be akin to Attack on Titan’s “Rumbling” only a very small portion of it. As a result, the tortoise spirit is regarded as a bigger tragedy than the Waves of Calamity.

Why the tortoise spirit is on the move now?

The tortoise spirit appears to have been duped by an unknown person and a mystery figure. Though the enemy’s motivation is unknown, the turtle spirit is on the move until the entire world’s population is run over, as Ost Hourai stated. The tortoise spirit’s major goal is to get to a place with a huge number of people, which is exactly what it is doing. The tortoise spirit is now an adversary in The Rising of the Sheild hero because it is on an aimless rampage. It will not be stopped unless the head of the tortoise spirit is chopped off.

Tortoise Spirit Appearance and Killing Strategy

As previously said, the spirit awoke decades later when it was persuaded to go on a rampage. It originally emerged as a massive mountain-sized monster with the city of Reiki city on its back. The tortoise had already been sealed by the previous four heroes, who also instructed on how to destroy it or seal the turtle spirit away. In the last chapter of the Rising of the Shield Hero, all of the kingdoms banded together to prevent the tortoise spirit from being extinguished. The army is commanded by our shield hero Naoufumi in order to sever the beast’s head.

The tortoise, despite its great size, is extremely sluggish. No matter what attack was launched at the tortoise spirit, it did not appear to harm the spirit in the least. They were able to injure the tortoise’s leg and stop its movement after multiple attempts and half of the troops’ fatalities. The tortoise spirit, on the other hand, has long-range assaults that look like lightning strike beams that emerge out of the tortoise’s shell. Naofumi succeeds to strike a shield into the tortoise’s neck with the help of Ost Hourai. Rapthalia and Filo then use their swords and Naofumi’s shield to sever its head.

Tortoise Spirit in the last episodeTortoise Spirit in the last episode
Tortoise Spirit head chopped off

Tortoise Spirit Revied Form

Although it appeared that the tortoise had been slain, it is not yet dead. Ost Hauroi remarked that if the tortoise spirit dies, she would also die because the familiar tortoise does not exist without the spirit. The tortoise spirit is still alive and well, although in a resurrected form. While the tortoise spirit looked to be a monster at first, it has become even more hideous in its reborn form. It has bright red eyes and a lengthy drool web dangling from its draped lips. With mere thorns on its back working as a projectile, it is much more powerful.

You can stream The Rising of the Shield Hero’s second season on Crunchyroll.

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