Evil West: Is It Finally Coming In 2022?

Evil West is an upcoming Action-Adventure, Shooter Video Game that will include monsters. Evil West Release Date is something that the gamers are eagerly waiting for. So, here we will be providing all the information that we know regarding Evil West Release Date. Moving further, Evil West is the game that is developed by Flying Wild Hog, and Focus Entertainment is the publisher of the game. At the 2020 Game Awards, the announcement of a brand new title that is a dark western action game, Evil West, was first served on the plates of the audience.

After that, the release date of Evil west was postponed quite a few times. But, there are a few things about the game that is already available on the internet that is helping gamers to have an idea regarding its releases and gameplay. Furthermore, the plot of the game looks simple. Demons will be destroying the world, and the hero, the Cowboy, needs to save his country, which is The USA.

Is There Any Evil West Trailer?

There are a few trailers and reviews on the internet that reveal a bit about the upcoming game. The first-ever Evil West trailer shows how a nice abandoned area changes into a horrific and creepy one. The Cowboy’s eyes turn red, and some monsters attack him forcing him to fight back brutally. Now, the new trailer that was out in December 2021 shows the power and weapons of the Cowboy more clearly. These weapons help him defeat the most dangerous and huge creatures along with the small ones. So, basically, the creatures will be destroying the world, and our hero, the Cowboy, will be saving it from them. Well, here is the first trailer if you want to have a look.

Expected Evil West Gameplay

There was a new trailer that was out a few months ago. It was labeled as the Evil West gameplay trailer, and we can conclude some ideas from it. In the game, the character will be a cowboy, and the players will control him. Also, he will have sharp, high technological weapons and good skills that will help him defeat highly powerful creatures. Names and details of the weapons might be disclosed after the confirmation of the Evil West Release Date.

Evil West Gameplay
Still from the Gameplay

Furthermore, some of these monsters can be easily defeated, while some are very strong and huge. Also, these creatures will be destroying the whole world, but we have our Cowboy, who is enough for these monsters. But, the players should have some skills as the game might get faster as the player moves further in the game.

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Evil West Release Date

Evil West Release Date is not confirmed yet. Well, the team keeps on changing the year of release. In 2020, they released a trailer that was cutscenes of the game, which clearly showed that the game wasn’t ready. The trailer said that the game might release in 2021. But, we all know that in 2021, we didn’t get the game as it wasn’t released. The reason was COVID and the delays happening because of it. So, in December 2021, we got another trailer that was a bit more revealing. It showed that the game might release in 2022. Q1 is already gone, so the game might release in the ending months of 2022.

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On Which Platform Will The Game Be Available?

If Evil West Release Date is coming in 2022, then it would be great for the players who have been waiting for 2 years. Some of the information about the game is finally revealed, and one such information is the platforms on which the game might appear. Evil West will be made available on every gaming platform that is quite famous in 2022. These gaming platforms will be Xbox series X|S, Xbox One, PC, PS4, and PS5. Furthermore, the game might not give you the experience that other next-gen games give, but the game might not be bad either. Well, we cannot say anything regarding the quality because people who are waiting must have high expectations from the game. So, we should wait for the team’s response.

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