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Exclusive: Ablaze Licenses The Breaker Manhwa; Releases 1st Omnibus Volume on June 30

Publisher shares English preview of manwha

Publisher Ablaze revealed to ANN on Thursday that it is publishing Geuk-Jin Jeon and artist Jin-Hwan Park‘s (Kamaro) The Breaker manhwa, and it will release the first 15 chapters in a 400-page omnibus volume on June 30. The manwha will be solicited in the March 2021 issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog.

Ablaze shared a preview of the manwha with ANN.

Ablaze describes the story:

In The Breaker, timid high school student Si-Woon finds himself in over his head as he becomes the disciple of CHuN-Woo Han, a martial arts master who is hiding from a powerful secret society. In order to evade the powerful martial arts clan union that is hunting him for killing one of their masters, CHuN-Woo is placed in hiding as a substitute teacher at Si-Woon’s school and soon finds himself agreeing to train the young man, who is a constant victim of bullying. Things take a dangerous, and often humorous, turn as Si-Woon’s lack of athletic abilities and current problems are compounded by being brought into the world of CHuN-Woo and the secret underbelly of martial arts society.

The manwha debuted in South Korea in Daiwon C.I.‘s Young Champ magazine in June 2007, and it had 72 chapters. A sequel The Breaker: New Waves debuted in 2010.

Artist Park also created the manwha Archlord in 2006. Tokyopop released the manwha in the West.

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