Ezra Miller’s DC Studios Future Will Be Decided After the Actor’s Recovery

Ezra Miller as the DCEU's The Flash

DC Studios says it won’t determine actor Ezra Miller’s future involvement in the extended DC until after The Flash is currently to be determined.

Ezra Miller’s future in the DC Universe won’t be determined until after The Flash actor’s recovery following a well-publicized and tumultuous year in the headlines.

Per Variety, DC co-head Peter Safran expressed that there is a possible place for Miller in the DCU after The Flash is released in June. Still, it will all come down to conversations that will need to be had following the actor’s recovery. Safran said, “Ezra is completely committed to their recovery and we are fully supportive of that journey that they’re on right now. When the time is right, when they feel like they’re ready to have the discussion, we’ll all figure out what the best path forward is. But right now, they are completely focused on their recovery. And in our conversations with them over the last couple of months, it feels like they’re making enormous progress.”

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Miller’s legal troubles began spreading in March 2022 when The Flash star was arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment in Hawaii. The couple involved in the incident soon filed a restraining order against Miller for allegedly making death threats before stealing a wallet, passport and social security card. The couple ultimately withdrew the restraining order, but more problems loomed for Miller in the coming months.

In June, Miller was accused of abducting and grooming 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes by the girl’s parents. When they filed a restraining order against Miller, they alleged they had exploited them through “cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior.” Despite her parents’ claims, Iron Eyes denied their allegations on several occasions.

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In August, Vermont State Police caught the actor after receiving evidence that Miller broke into a residence on May 1. The homeowners were not present when Miller broke into their home, but it was alleged that multiple bottles of alcohol were missing from the property. Miller was later charged with trespassing unlawfully, two counts of breaking into an unoccupied home and petit larceny.

On the road to potential recovery, Miller pled guilty in the Vermont case to misdemeanor charges of unlawful trespassing. Per the conditions of their plea deal, Miller agreed to serve a year of probation and pay a $500 fine as well as a surcharge of $192. All other charges against Miller, which included petit robbery and burglary, were dismissed without prejudice. The actor also agreed to the conditions of “substance-free living,” meaning they will not consume alcohol if it interferes with their employment and continue their mental health treatment.

Miller alluded to their mental health recovery when they issued a public apology for all their behavior leading up to that point. The actor said they were seeking professional help for “complex mental health issues” and were fully “committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage.”

The Flash hits screens on June 16.

Source: Variety


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