Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16 Review And Recap: Louis Goes Crazy For Pills

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16
Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16, Man, a f’inn hilarious Episode after a long time. Family Guy uses a number of real-life references for its comedy, but sometimes I don’t get all of them, hence no laughter from me. This Episode also had some references like Superman’s Council, The Shinning, and the Hemsworth brothers – loving to remove their trousers. But these were some well-known topics, so I got all of them – The Shining was the better one out of the three. And even though this Episode wasn’t Stewie-centric, his parts were the ones that made me laugh – his sarcasm is so perfect.

Episode 16 mostly focused on two storylines; Louis going crazy for pills and Peter getting jealous of Cleveland using his table-tennis table to gain popularity. Both of these storylines had their ups and downs. But what the hell was will Cocky Jogger, he was coming up and praising himself, I didn’t get that. Let’s go through the entire Episode.

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16 Review And Recap: Louis Hooked On Painkillers

So first up, the Episode starts with Louis; she is making breakfast for everyone. Chris doesn’t want to have his breakfast because he was already late for stalking a girl who starts her practice at 8 am. While Meg skips her breakfast because some guy is stalking her friend at her morning practice, and she wants to teach him a lesson. Brian tells Louis that it’s time for Stewie’s class, which means she is free all day. Louis now was to touch that mall counter lady with a smooth skin. But in her imagination, the mall kills that lady because they don’t like the concept of Lesbians, that’s why they don’t offer their customers – Change.

Louis Wants some pillsLouis Wants some pills
Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16 – Louis Wants some pills

So, Louis sits in front of her TV all day watching Netflix, so much that Netflix asks her if she is even alive. Brian comes running down the stairs but slips and turns his bones in a way that is not normal for a dog. Louis takes him to a hospital where the doctor checks Brian up and gives him some pain killer until his arm gets well. After coming home and taking the pills, Brian is all relaxed and lost in his world. Seeing him enjoy, Louis wants that enjoyment too. So she takes half of the pill, saying, ‘What could go wrong’, I mean, I don’t know…. YOU COULD GET ADDICTED.

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Louis Gets Addicted

And that is what happens Louis gets all addicted to the pill. Gets so lost that while folding the clothes in the flow, she also folds the sofa, then the curtain, and then our SCREEN. Now there is only one pill left, but Brian eats it, making Louis go crazier. She asks Brian to get some more, but he says his arm is fine now, so he doesn’t need them. But Louis wants more…, she goes over to the town to search for it. She asks some teenagers, hoping to some, but these are some well-mannered students who don’t promote drugs.

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16
Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16 – The Last Pill is also gone

Then Louis searches in the bathroom at the same time taking Stewie for a bath. She put him in an empty bathtub and started searching for pills. She asks Stewie if the temperature is OK, to which Stewie says, “Temperature of what? The Air?”. Finally, she finds one pill in the drawer, she says, “Now I’ll just need some water”, to which Stewie says, “Me Too”. But she accidentally drops the pill in the toilet, but her big hands can’t reach there, so she picks up Stewie and shoves him into the toilet. Yes, Stewie wanted water, but it was too much water. Seeing this, Brain locks her into his cage until she is all OK. In the cage, she has a no. of weird dreams, which cleanses her till the morning. Now Louis is back to Normal.

Peter Regret Giving His Pingpong Table To Cleveland

In the morning, Peter cleans up his house, throwing away all the useless things. One of these was an old, somewhat broken pingpong table. Cleveland asks Peter for the table, Peter gives up the table to him, thinking of it as garbage. But boy, he regrets it later. Cleveland has fixed up the table, and the whole tow is playing on it, making him popular among everyone. Seeing this from his window, Peter gets jealous.

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16
Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16 – Peter vs. Cleaveland

At night, he goes to steal it back, but Cleveland catches him and asks him for a ping pong match, the winner gets the table. They start the match, both of them give their all, everyone is cheering, music is playing in the background. It’s time for the final match point, Peter goes for it but ends up breaking the table. This gets both Peter and Cleveland to their senses, they hug it out. THE END.

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