Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17 Release Date: The Griffins Will Be Back After Another Break

The fans and viewers are eagerly waiting for the release of Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17 to find out what will go down next in the Episode. Meanwhile, the previous Episode gave us a look at Stewie finally ready to attend his first day of playschool. While Lois saw the woman from Target, she had a crush on getting killed right in front of her; Brian, on the other side, hurt himself badly.

On the other hand, Peter took out the things that were no use to him and gave them to others. However, in doing so, he also gave his broken ping-pong table, which Cleveland took and fixed it. Moreover, this turned into a jealous issue for Peter when everyone in the neighborhood started hanging out outside Cleveland’s house to play ping-pong, whereas Lois caught an addiction to the pills Brian was using for his pain relief.

The hugely popular American sitcom has been a critical success since its debut in the year 1999. Not only the critics but the viewers around the world have been in love with the show, which has resulted in getting the show all the way to the ongoing twentieth season. Although, the fans are now eager to watch Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17. However, let us check out what went down in the previous Episode first.

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17
A still from Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 of Family Guy Season 20 came out on 27th March 2022 and was titled “Prescription Heroine”. The Episode saw Lois trying to find a way to find something to do since she had the day all to herself. Meanwhile, Brian fell down the stairs while running down and hurt himself badly, breaking his bones. Eventually, he got the treatment from the vet and was prescribed pain meds. On the other hand, Cleveland gathered the whole neighborhood outside his house when he fixed the ping-pong table after getting it from Peter. Although, Peter was surprised to see such a gathering and wanted to join in on the game.

But if he wanted to play, he would have to wait in line, which was quite long. While at home, Lois saw Brian feeling real good after having a dose of the pain meds and took half a pain med herself to feel how Brian was feeling. Moments later, she was addicted to it and kept on having several of them until she got to the last one. However, Brian ate the last pill, and she lost her mind. She went to get more pills from the market or drugs from the kids but couldn’t get any of those. After finding the last one in the bathroom’s cabinet, she went ahead to have it but dropped it in the toilet. Now, in order to get it, she even put Stewie inside so he could get the pill out, but Brian arrived in time and pulled Stewie out.

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17
Lois and Stewie

Eventually, Brian had to take matters into his hand and lock Lois in his crate until she snapped out of the drug addiction. On the other hand, Peter lost his cool and tried to get the table back by having a one-on-one match with Cleveland, where whoever won would have the table. The game went on for a long time and finally reached the game point. But right there, Cleveland played a shot that Peter could hit easily, and Peter got too excited and fell on the table, breaking it. However, it turns out that Cleveland already wanted to get rid of that table since it was coming between his friendship with Peter. In the end, Brian released Lois after she had finally returned to her normal state.

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Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17: Release Date & Air Time

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17 will release on 24th April 2022 at 9:30 pm ET on FOX. Although, the network has not confirmed a title for the upcoming episode. Moreover, the show will be on a break of 4 weeks until the next episode airs.

Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17
Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17 will release on 24th April 2022

Watch Family Guy Season 20 Episode 17 Online – Streaming Details

Family Guy Season 20 airs on FOX at 9:30 pm ET every Sunday in the United States, whereas the show is also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and Hulu. The viewers in the U.K. can watch it on Disney Plus. Furthermore, the show airs on Disney+ Hotstar every Monday at 10:30 am IST in India.

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