Fanfare Of Adolescence Episode 10 Release Date; Grace’s Feelings!

Just when we thought that anime could not be more diverse, we have Fanfare of Adolescence a sports anime that is very unique and unlike before. The anime is meant to run for 13 episodes with each episode getting better than the previous and so far there are 9 of Fanfare of Adolescence or Gunjou no Fanfare. Fanfare of Adolescence is getting deeper into characters as the story progresses. Episode 10 of Fanfare of Adolescence is going to release soon and a post-credit scene in episode 9 highlights that Grace Amane is struggling with his feelings and he is getting angry. Episode 10 of Fanfare of Adolescence will continue highlighting Grace’s feelings.

So if you have been wondering about the release date and time of episode 10 of Gunjou no Fanfare then you have come to the right place. Furthermore, in this post, we will also talk about the release time of episode 10 Fanfare of Adolescence and as well as where you can watch the episode once it is released. We at Otakukart are here to give information on the release dates of several anime and television shows. So don’t forget to check our website for the information you may need.

Episode 9 Recap

In the opening scene, Aki and Sakuraba were having a chit-chat during the training where both of them were sharing their frustration over the training and reasons why they should be better. While speaking with their instructor, Kouta suggests that to participate in a real race they must be able to handle a horse. Over his frustration with his father, the instructor suggests that Sakuraba was not selected by his father because he wants him mature by himself. Meanwhile, in the ritto training center, they have been preparing Kirarin for the Wakagoma States and Shin instructs Hayashida to keep Kirarin away from other horses.

Fanfare Of Adolescence Episode 9 Recap

On the day of the race in the Wakagoma States, they lose the match for that particular reason. They immediately start preparing Kirarin for the Yayoi sho which will give them the money to compete in the derby. Shun trains Kirarin in a pair and makes them ready for the race. On the race day, thanks to Shun training for Kirarin, Kuji is able to win the race by the techniques implemented by the horse. While Shun was enjoying the victory, Grace was struggling with his feelings and Yuu has been told by Kuji that he can better than Shun.

Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 10 Expectations

While there were two races shown in the episodes that Shun’s abilities, the other characters were struggling on their own. The one who was seen struggling more among the rest of the characters was Grace Amane. While others are having fun riding horses, Grace is prohibited to ride a horse until he gets his timing down on one second which he told Eri. Grace is angry about the fact that Yu and Shun are enjoying riding horses and have lots of fun talking about it while he has nothing to do. In the post-credit scene, Grace was seen cleaning a stable but he kicked over a bucket and called himself “Useless”.

Fanfare Of Adolescence Episode 10 ExpectationsFanfare Of Adolescence Episode 10 Expectations
Grace Amane

Episode 10 can be expected to focus on Grace’s frustration and he might overcome his struggles. We have seen Amane struggling throughout the story about chasing his dreams. He wants to pursue it but he hasn’t found a reason to do it. Maybe it’s time in episode 10 of Gunjou no Fanfare to give Amane a reason for his dreams and might come over his frustrations. Meanwhile, Yuu might have another reason to be better than Shun. After winning the race with Oak Diamond, Yuu implied that Shun is a genius to which Kuzi agreed but he insisted Yu can be better than Shun since he is no jockey yet.

Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 10 Release Date

Fanfare of Adolescence episode 10 will release this Saturday, June 4th, 2022. Whereas the time for episode 10 is 11:30 PM JST (Japanese Standard Time). The episode is expected to have the events mentioned above but it may differ. To know exactly what will happen, we will have to until the release of the episode.

Watch Fanfare Of Adolescence Episode 10 – Streaming Details

The new episode will first release on local Japanese channels. Fans around the world can watch episode 10 of Fanfare of Adolescence on Crunchyroll once it is released.

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