FBI Season 4 Episode 21: Release Date, Time, Preview & Watch Online

FBI season 4 episode 21 release date
FBI S04E21 preview image/credits: CBS

FBI Season 4 Episode 21 will arrive next week with the promotional material shedding some light on all that will happen in the upcoming outing. The Episode will also serve as the penultimate entry before the big Season finale arrives. However, before delving into the spoilers for what lies ahead, let’s go through a brief recap of what transpired previously.

In Episode 16, we saw the FBI dealing with a case involving a killer who uses drug mules to exploit airport security checkpoints. While they try and hunt down the killer, OA contends with struggles of his own. The aftermath of the sarin gas exposure has become diabolical, and OA struggles to cope with it. Additionally, another struggle that’s heavy on his heart is the 10th anniversary of his army friend’s death in Afghanistan.

Let’s now delve into all that Episode 21 of FBI Season 4 will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Watch FBI S04E21 Online — Streaming Details

FBI Season 4 Episode 21 will air on CBS on May 17 at 8:00 pm ET. New episodes of the procedural drama series air on the network every week on Wednesdays. The show also streams live and on-demand on the official CBS app as well as Paramount+. Additionally, you can also stream the show via VOD platforms that let you rent and purchase individual episodes and seasons. These include Vudu, Google Play, YouTube TV, DirecTV, and many more.

Is there a Trailer for Episode 21?

Yes, here is the short official promo clip teasing what FBI S04E21 will be all about;

FBI Season 4 Episode 21 Release Date & Preview

FBI Season 4 Episode 21 will release on May 17, 2022. The official synopsis for the upcoming Episode is currently unavailable. However, we do know a fair bit of what is happening in the next installment. The official trailer for Episode 21 sheds some light on what it entails. It seems from the trailer that a girl (who might be the titular Kayla) will be the focus of the Episode. From the looks of it, the FBI will enlist the girl’s help to extract key incriminating evidence against the perpetrator. We can see in the promo that the convict is someone who lives with the girl. It’s unclear from the sneak peek if the two are a couple or just roommates. However, unknown to the girl, the guy lived a double life, one as a seemingly regular, ordinary guy and another as a cold-blood killer.

We also learn from the teaser that the guy has already dropped two bodies. Now the girl at the center of this storyline must help the FBI collect hard, sufficient evidence against the guy. We see a gun that the killer used to shoot former victims. We see it being picked up by someone, who’s likely the girl. However, will her risky and reluctant help to the FBI amount to a successful operation? Will she be able to pull off the incriminating evidence heist and not raise any suspicious flags? Or will the guy, as the trailer seems to suggest, catch on to her and stop her from ever getting out of the house alive and help the FBI? These are some of the pressing questions we need answers to. And answers we will get when the Season 4 penultimate Episode rolls around.

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