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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Who Are The Headliners Team 2?

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Salah

After the release of FIFA 22 Headliners Team 1 during the New Year, EA recently released the FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2. Thus, fans are eagerly waiting to know about these new special cards and also get their hands on them. FIFA 22 is undoubtedly the most successful sports simulation video game. Further, this came out on October 1, 2021, and is the successor to FIFA 21. This football video game features almost all real-life players, clubs, and tournaments except for some clubs and tournaments because of license issues. Some clubs and tournaments also got themselves a generic name because of license issues. 

FIFA 22 has both single-player and multiplayer modes for the fans to enjoy. Fans can play using their favorite club in kick-off mode against other real-life clubs. Further, fans can also create a custom character and experience a 25-seasons long career mode as a manager or as a professional footballer. FIFA 22 also features an online multiplayer mode called Ultimate Team like past installments. In FUT, fans have to build the best team and take on players from different corners of the globe. Further, the developers, Electronic Arts, release unique player cards every then and now. And these cards can improve the squad strength. Therefore, today we will talk about the FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2, which EA recently released for the Ultimate Team.

What Are The Headliners In FIFA 22?

FIFA 22’s online multiplayer mode is called the Ultimate Team, where gamers can build and manage an incredible squad. But the FIFA fans need to collect the player cards to build a squad. The FIFA 22 player cards are generally divided into three prime categories: gold, silver, and bronze. Gold Card players can be said the best and usually have a rating above 75, whereas players with mediocre ratings feature on Silver Cards, and but below the range of Silver Cards are the Bronze Cards. However, EA also releases some unique variants of most of the FIFA player cards, which have boosted stats than the base cards. One of these unique variants is the FIFA 22’s new Headliners series of cards.

EA rolled out the first set of Headliners card series on the last day of the year 2021. These special cards feature those players who have the most in-forms throughout the ongoing season so far. Further, the footballers who feature on this Headliners series receive a dynamic boost with the potential to get a further upgrade on these already boosted stats. But this upgrade only depends on the footballers or their respective club’s performance in the remainder of the 2021/22 season. After the release of the first batch of Headliners, EA released the FIFA 22 Headliner Team 2 cards on January 7, 2022. Further, players can get their hands on these special cards via FUT Packs or in the Transfer Market.

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Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian King of Football is undoubtedly one of the best right-wingers in the world. For the past few seasons, his performance for Liverpool in the Premier League has been phenomenal. Salah is again having a spectacular season this year. His magnificent performance also impressed EA, and thus, they presented a boosted 93-rated RW Headliners card.

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Salah
Mohamed Salah of Liverpool
Pace: 94 Dribbling: 94
Shooting: 92 Defense: 50
Passing: 88 Physical: 82

Joshua Kimmich

The German footballer is one of the best defensive central midfielders. He made a name for himself because of his playmaking and aggressive but versatile playstyle. He is one of the key figures behind Bayern Munich’s success. His performance this season for the German giants in the Bundesliga and Champions League earned him a 91-rated CDM Headliners card.

Joshua Kimmich of Bayern MunichJoshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich
Joshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich
Pace: 74 Dribbling: 86
Shooting: 77 Defense: 85
Passing: 88 Physical: 81

Joao Cancelo

The 86-rated right-back is not only one of the best full-backs in the game but also in the real life. He is part of Manchester City’s defense lineup. Cancelo has been extremely impressive this season in every competition. Thus, EA gave him a boost with the release of his Headliners Team 2 card, which also gave him a plus-four increment in the ratings.

Joao Cancelo of Manchester CityJoao Cancelo of Manchester City
Joao Cancelo of Manchester City
Pace: 89 Dribbling: 89
Shooting: 77 Defense: 86
Passing: 88 Physical: 79

Vinicius Jr.

The 21-year old Brazilian prodigy has already made his name known in world football. He is counted among one of the best left-wingers. Vini’s form this season has been phenomenal. He literally puts the ball behind the net at least once in every match for Real Madrid. Therefore, EA introduced a Headliners card from him in the second batch, which has an eight-plus rating than his usual 80-rated LW Gold card.

Vinicius Jr. of Real MadridVinicius Jr. of Real Madrid
Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid
Pace: 99 Dribbling: 94
Shooting: 84 Defense: 37
Passing: 82 Physical: 78

Nicolò Barella

The young Italian professional is among one of the most promising talents. Barella specializes as a box-to-box type central midfielder. He is playing the best football in his life so far. He is already an important part of Inter Milan and also lifted the Euro 2020 with the Italian National Team. Thus, he has presented a boosted 88-rated CM Headliners card for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Nicolò BarellaFIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Nicolò Barella
Nicolò Barella of Inter Milan
Pace: 86 Dribbling: 90
Shooting: 77 Defense: 82
Passing: 85 Physical: 82

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Gaëtan Laborde

The French international has been phenomenal in the 2021/22 season so far. He bagged 6 goals from his 13 appearances for the Ligue 1 club Rennes. Because of his impressive performance, EA gave his 80-rated ST gold card a boost. As they released an 88-rated ST Headliners Team 2 card.

Gaëtan Laborde of Rennes FCGaëtan Laborde of Rennes FC
Gaëtan Laborde of Rennes FC
Pace: 87 Dribbling: 89
Shooting: 87 Defense: 48
Passing: 86 Physical: 90

Ollie Watkins

The English striker joined the Premier League club Aston Villa back in the 2020/21 season. It is only his second season but already started shining brightly at the English club. His performance for Aston Villa is magnificent so far in the 2021/22 season. Therefore, Electronic Arts presented him with an 86-rated ST headliners card which is plus eight rated than his 78-rated ST gold card.

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Ollie WatkinsFIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Ollie Watkins
Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa
Pace: 92 Dribbling: 85
Shooting: 86 Defense: 52
Passing: 77 Physical: 82

Duván Zapata

The Colombian striker is having a phenomenal performance in the 2021/22 season. He is one of the key figures in the Italian club Atalanta which is also known as Bergamo Calcio, in the game because of a license issue between the club and EA. Further, the 30-year-old has an 83-rated Gold Card but received a major boost with the release of the Headliners in FUT. As he got an 85-rated ST Headliners card.

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Duván ZapataFIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 Duván Zapata
Duván Zapata of Bergamo Calcio
Pace: 85 Dribbling: 81
Shooting: 84 Defense: 37
Passing: 64 Physical: 86

Arthur Theate

The 21-year-old is a promising center-back who plays for the Belgian club Oostende. But in 2021, he was loaned out to the Serie A club Bologna where he rose to the spotlight. The Belgian professional showcased magnificent defensive ability this season in Serie A and even bagged two goals. Therefore, the 69-rated Silver card player received a mind-blowing boost from EA. He has an 85-rated CB Headliners Team 2 card.

Arthur Theate of BolognaArthur Theate of Bologna
Arthur Theate of Bologna
Pace: 85 Dribbling: 70
Shooting: 55 Defense: 85
Passing: 72 Physical: 94


The 31-year-old footballer is one of the key members of the Spanish club Deportivo Alaves’s attacking force. He put the ball behind the net eight times so far in the 2021/22 season from his 17 appearances so far. After impressing EA with his performance, they released an 84-rated ST headliners card.

Joselu of Deportivo AlavesJoselu of Deportivo Alaves
Joselu of Deportivo Alaves
Pace: 68 Dribbling: 80
Shooting: 86 Defense: 35
Passing: 75 Physical: 80

Aritz Elustondo

The Real Sociedad defender is one of the best center-back in La Liga, and his performance for the Spanish club for the 2021/22 season has been mind-blowing. Because of his performance this season, Elustondo received a boost in FIFA Ultimate Team. As Electronics Art gave him a plus-five boost over his regular 79-rated CB Gold card with the release of the Headliners Team 2 cards.

Aritz Elustondo of Real SociedadAritz Elustondo of Real Sociedad
Aritz Elustondo of Real Sociedad
Pace: 77 Dribbling: 66
Shooting: 38 Defense: 85
Passing: 66 Physical: 84

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