Find Yourself Ending Explained: Madness Ends (Article ready)

Find Yourself coming from Emika Games took us to the Astral world much like the ones we see in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. But yes, the game had quite a darker take on this world as the protagonist of the game was suffering from it. He imagined the place as a subway and explores the fears that always haunted him. He tried to avoid the astral world for years, but it’s high time he should fight it. So how does this gamble end for him? Here we are taking our shot on Find Yourself and its ending and getting it explained right.

Find Yourself and its final Act 5 is a kind of revelation level. Stories come ahead, and the reality of what happened to the protagonist comes ahead with more important points. Throughout the game, he was carrying several guilts and didn’t really knew what happened with his abusive mother. So the revelation came in small clues and newspapers that give us more insight. As he does untangle them, it’s also revealed that there is more to the story. So let’s take a look at Find Yourself and its story, its ending, the clues, and get them explained.

Find Yourself – Story Summary

Find Yourself as a game takes the players into the life of a protagonist who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. This comes from the event that took place with him as a kid. The protagonist’s mother abused him a lot, and there was also an instance where he might have killed her. Something that haunts him for his whole.

The Story Of Find Yourself

From Find Yourself, Act 5, Madness Ends

The protagonist often goes into the Astral world, where he relives those fears but decides to turn back. But not anymore, the game sees the players visiting this astral world set in the subway and breaking down what really happened with the protagonist. In turn, the protagonist overcomes those fears and finds out what happened to his parents and him as a kid. Was he really the one who killed them.

Find Yourself Ending Explained – Act 5: Madness Ends

The Final Level

Act 5 opens up again at the subway in the astral world. The protagonist has glimpses of his mother’s ghost asking him not to look behind and run his way. Death is the only escape, and the player tries to find a way until a glimpse of statues arrives in front of him. The statues block your way until you find a definite clue around the train. The first clue kind off is an achievement which states that the protagonist, after suffering and running away from the fear of the subway, managed to overcome it.

Find Yourself Act 5 Ending ExplainedFind Yourself Act 5 Ending Explained

From Find Yourself, Act 5, Madness Ends

The second clue talks about imaginary monsters the protagonist made up, including her mother being a monster too. The third clue is a newspaper that showcases a story from years ago. It talks about a boy who disappeared six days ago found in an abandoned hut outside the city. The boy says a man dressed as a clown kidnapped him while he was on holiday with his father. Next, we see is a photo of the protagonist’s father and the way he couldn’t handle it when he was this young boy.

Another newspaper talks about 2 patients escaping from the psychiatric hospital. A man and woman who call themselves married. Next, we hear is a scary laugh amidst the statues. Another clue stuck at the window of the train talks about the story of a white knight. Encouraged by a woman in a blue dress, he goes to the dark land to defeat the black witch and succeeds. Thus, the sun shined again. Following that, few signs appear on the statues, and the game states there is a meaning behind them. This goes on until we get another glimpse of the ghost, and everything disappears with only the protagonist’s psychiatrist sleeping ahead.

The Revelations and Post-Credit Scene

The protagonist is back in the real world. He talks to his doctor about his nightmare and how he grew up in an orphanage after losing his mother. He tells how he always thought he was his mother’s killer and carried the guilt forever. But at the end of the day, it was psychos from the street. The protagonist reveals going astral has helped him find the reality and how he conquered his fears.

Find Yourself Post-Credit Ending ExplainedFind Yourself Post-Credit Ending Explained

From Find Yourself, Act 5, Madness Ends

But realizing how the protagonist has conquered everything didn’t fit right with the doctor. Thus he reveals himself to be the devil. Thus ending the game, and we are next brought into a post-credit scene back in the subway. Exploring the subway again sees telephone ringing, alarms, and a lot more until the protagonist comes across a red devil to end the game. This may suggest there is a sequel that could continue the story.

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