Finding Kendrick Johnson: Documentry Release Date & Trailer

Kendrick Johnson’s story is probably the most important story to come out of the US in the last decade. It’s a mysterious and sad tale about the 2014 police killing of Michael Brown. The documentary, right off the bat, has claimed and promised to find new evidence in the case of Kendrick Johnson – a boy who was found dead and wrapped in a gym yoga mat at the premises of his high school located in Georgia in the year 2013.

The latest news about the documentary Finding Kendrick Johnson is that Gravitas Ventures has acquired the rights to it. The company has acquired the US and Canadian distribution rights for the new documentary. The central idea looks into the complexity of the case of the murder of a Georgia high school student that may or may not be available to watch on VOD. Please keep reading to know about the movie release, the trailer, and the incidents that took place beforehand.

Finding Kendrick Johnson: Brief Overview

Directed by Jason Pollock, Finding Kendrick Johnson is a mysterious tale by the man who has a tone of past experience in doing mystery documentaries such as Stranger Fruit. You must also know certain essential details about the plot here. Kendrick Johnsons’ story was deemed to be an accident by the state, but there were separate autopsies that suggested otherwise. There was nothing that suggested the justification of the whole “accident by the state” rule. The makers have described the case as one of the most important cases in the history of the United States while saying that KJ deserves the justice he never got. They have carried out a detailed investigation of the events and, in the end, hope that their story will help the police to inch closer to the outcome.

Finding Kendrick Johnson

Jason Pollock has worked on Finding Kendrick Johnson.

The documentary Finding Kendrick Johnson is narrated and executive produced by actor Jenifer Lewis of Black-ish fame. She called it the most important film he’s ever worked on. The maker emphasizes KJ’s family and says what the family has gone through, though, is unspeakable, but it’s high time that events be laid out in public. It took four years to research the film and an actual deep undercover investigation into the crime scene.

Is Finding Kendrick Johnson on Netflix?

Sadly Finding Kendrick Johnson isn’t available on Netflix at the moment, and it will not be available on the streaming service. It will be released in 20 select theatres in the United States, though. It is available right now con Prime Video, Vudu, or the Google Play Store, where it is streaming online. If you want to watch it, you can pay to rent the film for $3.99 or purchase it for $5.99. There’s no way to know when it is going to arrive on streaming services as of yet.

Finding Kendrick Johnson: Release Date

The truth must be spoken at any cost, and it’s the public’s right to know what went down in 2013. Jenifer Lewis says the director Jason has done an exemplary job on this “vital story of injustice”. Soon as the story of Finding Kendrick Johnson came out, it was said by Brendan M. Gallagher, Gravitas Ventures executive vice president, and general counsel, that Gravitas was proud to partner with Jason Pollock again on his latest film, which reinforces the notion that justice and accountability, the ideals that should be vigorously pursued, no matter how long it takes to do so.

The documentary will be played in 20 theaters nationwide and will also be available on demand. Gravitas Ventures is owned by Red Arrow Studios Company.  It premiered on July 30 on all of the services mentioned above. There are plans to premiere the movie in theatres across the states, but it is not known when exactly that will happen.

Finding Kendrick Johnson: Trailer

Yes, we have a trailer for the nerve-chilling documentary for you. Please watch it down below.

If you want to watch the movie right now, you can do so only by renting it or by purchasing it digitally. Rest, Gravitas Ventures is working towards a theatre release of the same.

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