October 17, 2021

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Home » Freaky Movie Ending Explained: Will There Be A Sequel? (Article ready)

Freaky Movie Ending Explained: Will There Be A Sequel? (Article ready)

Freaky Movie Ending Explained: Will There Be A Sequel?

Here we have Freaky Movie Ending Explained, as the film only got internationally released a few days ago. Freaky had its world premiere back on 8th October 2020 at Beyond Fest. It was later theatrically released in the United States on 13th November 2020 by Universal Pictures. Then, it was made available for video on demand on 4th December 2020. And after all that time, the comedy-slasher film finally made its way to the international audience only last month. Freaky was released on HBO on 27th July 2021, after which it was made available on HBO Max on 28th July 2021. Now that audiences worldwide have looked at Freaky Movie, let’s look get its ending explained. The chances are that we may receive a Freaky Movie Sequel. Let’s check it out.

Freaky Movie by Director Cristopher Landon is a tribute to all slasher films that have come out in the past. Here, he attempts to bring in elements from several such films while also debunking several stereotypes. Freaky follows the story about a teenage girl named Millie, who, along with her friends Josh and Nyla, goes to Blissfield Valley High School. She is regularly bullied by school jocks and has a crush on a guy named Booker. Millie plays the Mascot for their school’s football team, and on the Homecoming day, she waits for her sister, Charlene, a Police Officer, to pick her up. This is when she is attacked by a guy dubbed the Butcher. He was previously seen in the epilogue where he kills a bunch of people to acquire a dagger called La Dola. He stabs the dagger at Millie’s shoulder, causing them to switch places.

What Happens in Freaky Movie?

Millie, who was now in the body of the Butcher, firstly goes and convinces her friends regarding her side of the story. Meanwhile, the Butcher, who was in Millie’s body, decides to go off and kill multiple people at Millie’s school. The Butcher then lures Booker for Mini Golf, where Millie, Nyla, and Josh arrive to stop the Butcher. Both are knocked out and are brought to Josh’s place. Here, Mille convinces Booker how her body had switched places with the Butcher’s. Previously, the trio had done some research regarding the La Dola to find out that the body switch was reversible if one of them was stabbed before 24 hours. Therefore, they head off to steal the dagger from the Police Station where Charlene was present.

Freaky Movie Ending Explained: Will There Be A Sequel?

The Butcher in Millie’s body.

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Freaky Movie Ending Explained

The Butcher heads back to the school as he kills three more jocks who attempt to rape him, thinking that he is Millie. Then as Midnight approaches, Josh and Nyla are able to hold the Butcher down. Meanwhile, Millie was ready to stab him with the La Dola. This is when an alarm rings for 12 am. Luckily, Millie set her Watch a few minutes ahead to be punctual. This allowed her to stab the Butcher to get back to her body. The police arrive as they shoot down the Butcher. The Butcher is able to pretend he is dead on the ambulance ride while Millie gets back home and is reunited with her family. The Butcher comes to Millie’s place to try and kill her. But this time, with help from her mom and sister, Millie is able to kill the Butcher.

Freaky Movie Ending Explained: Will There Be A Sequel?Freaky Movie Ending Explained: Will There Be A Sequel?

The Butcher at Millie’s house.

La Dola seems to be an ancient dagger that has the magical ability to switch bodies. While it played a significant role in the plot of the film, we do not see an end to its existence. This could probably mean that we may get a Freaky Movie Sequel. Even the Director, Cristopher Landon, is all up for the idea as he hopes to make a sequel soon. The story for the same has not been revealed. But considering that the Butcher has been killed, the chances of him returning seem really slim. Probably, we may see a new user of the La Dola as Millie and her friends take it upon themselves to stop the new fiend.

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