From Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review: Calm After The Storm

Recap & Review For From Season 1 Episode 8
From Season 1 Episode 8 Featuring Boyd

From Season 1 Episode 8 is a much-needed break for the characters of the show, especially after the party that turned into a disaster. It was a celebration of survival especially dedicated to Fatima and who she is to the community. Meanwhile, Father Khatri met Boyd to give him a history lesson. Also, a big revelation that he has kept Sara in the Church’s basement. He believes she hears things and could be useful to them.

The previous Episode came to a close with creatures entering the house, thus leaving everyone to run helter-skelter. Some of them made their way to Boyd and Father Khatri. In the process, a creature attacked Father Khatri, leaving him to die in the arms of Boyd. Reflecting upon the same events, here is a quick recap of From Season 1 Episode 8 that brings a little calmness to the town.

From Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

We opened up to the aftermath of the devastating night that saw the creatures attacking the people of the colony amidst a party, thus leaving everyone in the town to worry. Boyd was suffering after the death of Father Khatri. He plans to continue what Father Khatri had in mind. Therefore he takes Sara and hides her inside a house in the woods.

Meanwhile, the show also takes us into a number of flashbacks to the first time Boyd came into this town. He, his wife Abby, and his son Ellis saw themselves stuck on the road because of a fallen tree. The woods brought them to town. It was Father Khatri who came out of nowhere and took the family to safety before they could come across any of the creatures.

A complete look into From Season 1 Episode 8A complete look into From Season 1 Episode 8
From Season 1 Episode 8 Featuring Boyd and Abby

Julie, on the other hand, is having a nervous breakdown after what she witnessed. From escaping with Victor to hiding inside a tree that sent her to another location. Jim comes walking and freaking out Julie until Simon pushes him outside. The situation calms down, and they both agree on building a radio tower to make outside communication. Julie questions about her parents splitting up. So, Tabitha explains a few things to her. How protecting their child becomes important when they become parents.

Back in the flashback of Boyd, we learn how Boyd fits himself into the town’s community. Thus, hoping to keep everyone safe. We also learn how a trip into the woods leads Boyd to come across those Talismans that keep the creatures away.

It’s Boyd’s wife who starts believing it’s just a dream and once everyone wakes up, they may get out of this place. This leads her to shoot everyone until she points the gun at her own son. Before she could pull the trigger, Boyd accidentally shoots her in order to save their son.

The Episode comes to a close with Boyd saying his goodbye to Ellis before wandering into the woods with Sara. But it took Fatima to comfort Ellis and make him realize what his father has done for them, thus leaving him to bid a proper goodbye to his father. The town begins their work for the Radio Tower begins as Boyd and Sara walk into the woods looking for answers.

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From Season 1 Episode 8 Review

From Season 1 Episode 8 was the calmness and a break we and the characters needed, especially after the surprise attack by the creatures in the previous Episode. Boyd hopes to follow Father Khatri after losing him in his own hands. Tabitha comforted Julie and the community, fighting but trying to understand each other.

Apart from that, it gave us a clear idea about Boyd’s history and how he came into the town. It seems like the show has a lot to tell us despite it coming to an end with its First Season. Probably there are plans to extend the story into multiple Seasons. But we may have to wait and hear from Epix for a renewal.

Ending For From Season 1 Episode 8Ending For From Season 1 Episode 8
From Season 1 Episode 8 Featuring Boyd and Ellis

Overall, learning Boyd’s history became important with the next step he was about to take. Diving into the backstories certainly tells us that the show has a lot more to tell. We also learned about where the Talismans came from.

Coming to the town, the show featured how the community reacted to the destructive attack from the last night. But by the end of the Episode, one motive to get out of the place brought them together. Certainly, they weren’t just a town anymore.

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