‘From’ Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date: Boyd & Sara Walk Into The Forests

When Is From Season 1 Episode 9 Releasing?
From ‘From’ Season 1 Episode 9 Featuring Boyd and Sara

‘From’ Season 1 Episode 9 sees the show diving deeper into the woods like never before. Boyd has been there before but not to this extent. We recently had a break from all the havoc the creatures from the forest have been wreaking on the town. Boyd’s quest inside the woods may either help him find a way home or a face-off with those creatures in their own territory.

While Boyd made that decision after witnessing Father Khatri’s death and believing in him, the folks in town were disgruntled after the attack. With help of some people, they found a way to come together as a community. Also, a motive as Jim had plans to build a radio tower to make outside connections. Lastly, before his father could leave the town, Ellis made sure to have a heart-to-heart with Boyd.  So here are a few details on when the ninth episode of ‘From’ is releasing and how it may turn out.

‘From’ Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date

‘From’ Season 1 Episode 9 is releasing on 3 April 2022. It is titled, “Into The Woods”. The official synopsis of the episode suggests for the very first time the show may go further deep into the forest. Boyd and Sara went inside with Boyd hoping to find answers with help of the things Sara hears. What may they come across are more mysteries. The ones that may leave them questioning.

Preview and Release Date For From Season 1 Episode 9 Preview and Release Date For From Season 1 Episode 9
‘From’ Season 1 Episode 9 Featuring Boyd and Sara Walking Into The Woods

Meanwhile, back in the town, Jim managed to gather people to build a radio tower. But initial failures may result in him losing confidence in this project. A tragedy in town may result in Donna coming ahead to figure things out. Lastly, we may see Kenny and Kristi getting close and sharing a moment.

Apart from all of this, we wonder if we will see Julie figuring out what Victor said to her. She will probably investigate the insides of the tree that help you travel to different locations. Ellis and Fatima may or may not join her on this quest.

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