Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 Release Date: Competition Between Sakaki & Haru

Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 Release Date
Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 Release Date

Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 release date is scheduled for this month that will be continuing the adventure. After Tribe Nine, Slow Loop, Ryman’s Club, Futsal Boys has appeared as one of the most loved sports anime of 2022. The craze for sports anime is quite visible since Haikyuu has ranked among the best shonen genre. This underrated genre is getting more love now which is evident with the rating of Futsal Boys. It is introduced as an original anime series produced by Diomedea Studio. It was directed by Yukina Hiro whereas its screenplay and music were given by Shoji Yonemura and R.O.N respectively.

The series centers on the game of Futsal popularly known as soccer. After the game was introduced all over the world, it gained its hype after a decade. It is now super popular all over the globe and its effect reached our protagonist Haru Yamato. He watched the under 18 world cup championship on tv. After this get got highly inspired by the world-class futsal player named Tokinari Tennoji. In order to pursue his aim to be as good as Tokinari, Haru joined the Koyo Academy High School’s futsal team. Now, his journey begins as he starts to make friends and rivals while improving his skills with practice.

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Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 10 Recap

The latest Episode 10 was released on 13th March 2022 and was titled “What I don’t want to lose”. It began with a fierce match between Momomi High School and Koyo High School. In the very beginning, Haru Yamato and Ryu Nagumo gave a great show of a combined play as they gained a goal against Momoni Club. The audience went crazy after witnessing such great skills by both of them, Momoni Club felt agitated and rushed to gain points but unfortunately, their ball was prevented by Taiga.

Momomi club felt very hopeless and they asked for a time out not to formulate a strategy but because they were very exhausted. The game resumed and once again Koyo club steal the ball but was not able to make a goal.

Kurama get the ball and rushed using his “Yuki of the Snow” and gained a point for their team. The game continues and it was clear that Koyo Club was leading with two points. Due to Yukimaru’s enthusiasm, suddenly the whole Momomi team gained their pace and rushed to make a goal. But the game ended with Koyo Club winning it but none of the team showed any hostility towards others.

But at the end of the episode, Haru found two guys who teased Sakaki. Later, Haru found Sakaki playing alone as he go to him and asked about Nagato. But Sakaki stood reluctant to tell him anything and Haru to stop entering other’s life. Haru shoot some words at him that made Sakaki get a flashback of Nagato as he felt sad and shocked.

Futsal Boys Episode 10: Koyo Vs. Momomi ClubFutsal Boys Episode 10: Koyo Vs. Momomi Club
Futsal Boys Episode 10: Koyo Vs. Momomi Club

Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 Release Date

The next episode will begin with both Sakaki and Haru’s discussion as Haru was insisting Sakai pass the ball to time. However, after getting a flashback of Nagato and realizing how Haru reminds him of Nagato. The moment Sakaki was about to tell Haru about Nagato he stopped. He straight away refused to pass him the ball, Haru looked utterly shocked and lost about what Sakaki said. Futsal Boys !!!!! Episode 11 release date is scheduled for 20th March 2022. It is titled “Unerasable Memories” that clearly shows that Sakaki will be further remembering Nagato and all the time they spent together.

But will he tell Haru about it? Will he ever open up around Haru? Will Saski let out his inner grief?  All of these will be disclosed in the next episode so let’s stay tuned and find it ourselves.

Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 Release Date Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 Release Date
Haru asking Sasaki about Nagato

Watch Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 11 Online – Streaming Details

The popular sports anime series Futsal Boys!!!!! is officially licensed by Funimation. The leading anime streaming website will be availing the facility to stream the whole series along with the new releasing episodes.

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