Gamera -Rebirth- Project’s Teaser Reveals 6-Episode Anime Format – News

Gamera -Rebirth- Project's Teaser Reveals 6-Episode Anime Format - News

Gamera fights 5 kaiju in mini-series, with 1st kaiju revealed as Gyaos

The official website for Kadokawa‘s Gamera -Rebirth- project debuted a teaser trailer for the project on Monday. The teaser confirms that the project is an anime, and reveals that it will be six episodes long, focusing on the titular Gamera fighting five kaiju (giant monsters).

The site also revealed the below visual, featuring Gyaos, one of the kaiju that Gamera will fight in the anime.

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Gamera -Rebirth- Project's Teaser Reveals 6-Episode Anime Format - News Funimation IndiaThe anime will stream on Netflix worldwide.

The giant, fire-breathing turtle monster Gamera made his debut in Daiei’s 1965 film Daikaijū Gamera (Gamera the Giant Monster). Daiei intended the film to compete with TOHO‘s similar smash hit giant monster movie Godzilla. The 12th and most recent film in the franchise was Chiisaki Yūsha-tachi ~Gamera~ (Gamera the Brave) in 2006.

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