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Home » GENIC’s ‘Fruits Basket: The Final’ Ending Theme, ‘Haru Urara’, Gets New Music Video Featuring Scenes from the Anime

GENIC’s ‘Fruits Basket: The Final’ Ending Theme, ‘Haru Urara’, Gets New Music Video Featuring Scenes from the Anime

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‘Haru Urara’, the ending theme song to TV anime ‘Fruits Basket: The Final’, has a new music video that features gorgeous scenes and illustrations from the anime. The song by GENIC is a mid-tempo ballad that is ideal for the arrival of spring, with positive messages about friendship and making a new start. Its title roughly translates as ‘Springtime Vibes’.

The video is based on the ending visuals from the anime, and includes illustrations by Natsuki Takaya, the creator and author of the original ‘Fruits Basket’ manga, who is also supervisor of the animated series. Takaya’s evocative character illustrations leave a warm, endearing feeling.

GENIC ‘Haru Urara’ music video:

GENIC have also uploaded a video to their official YouTube account titled ‘Team Contest!! King Atsuki Final Battle!!’, in which the group’s members compete to prove who knows the most about fellow member Atsuki Mashiko. The video gives an insight into the close relationship shared by the members of GENIC, as part of their ‘GENIC HOUSE’ series. On social media, fans made comments such as “Isn’t this video too awesome?!”, “I was waiting for this!” and “Airheaded Atsuki is the best”.

GENIC HOUSE #9 Team Contest!! King Atsuki Final Battle!!’:

Fruits Basket’ information

You can watch ‘Fruits Basket’ on the following streaming platforms:

Funimation (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)

Wakanim (France, Germany, Russian, Nordics)

AnimeLab (Australia, New Zealand)

● ADN (France, Belgium, Switzerland)

Animax (Southeast Asia)

Tooniverse (South Korea)

● STARZPLAY (Middle East)

TV anime ‘Fruits Basket’ official global website:

Official Twitter account:

Official Instagram account:

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