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Genshin Impact Eula Best Build, Constellations and More

Genshin Impact Eula Best Build

Eula is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact, and she is sharing the banner with Albedo in Genshin Impact 2.3 update. So, the travelers want to know Genshin Impact Eula Best Build and nearly everything about her. Eula’s constellations include her abilities, and her best build will include all the best weapons she has, or she must use. Also, the artefacts that are best for her. We are going to help you out with this amazing character.

Eula is a beautiful and nice character with no sins from her side. However, Lawrence family from which she belongs is not as good as she is. They are corrupt as they just wanted to somehow end Mondstadt, and because of this, the people of Mondstadt just hate Eula. But, Eula decided to change her identity, so she worked hard for the Reconnaissance Company. As a result, they promoted her to the rank of captain of the Knights of Favonius, a group that has her.

What is Genshin Impact Eula Best Build?

Eula first appeared on her character banner, Born of Ocean Swell with Albedo. This character is a bit rare, and people had to wish on her. Sometimes, it becomes expensive to get her, but still, she is a great character to play with.


Song of Broken Pines is a 5-star weapon, and it is really famous for being the best weapon Eula has. This weapon can give around 32% extra damage to the enemy. A normal attack or Charged Attack results in a sigil of whispers, and that is how it works.

Serpent Spine is a 4-star weapon having 5 stacks, and if Eula isn’t having Song of Broken Pines, then she can have this one as it is good to defeat enemies. If a 4-star enemy hits Eula, then she can give him around 10% extra damage, and he has to deal with it. Talking about the effect, this weapon is so strong and manipulative that it is not going to reset until the enemy deals with the damage. Even if the enemy leaves the play area, he has to face it.

Artefact Sets 

The best Artifact Set for Eula is Pale Flame because it gives 25% physical damage to the opponent. Also, if attacked by elemental skill, then the attack increases by 9%, but this is only for 7sec, and after that, it resets.

Now, the other option for Eula is a set of two Artifact that is Bloodstained Chivalry and Pale Flame. So, as we know, Pale Flame gives the damage of an extra 25%, it can be combined with Bloodstained Chivalry. It can also give damage of an extra 25%.

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What are the Constellations of Eula?

Upgrading the character, Eula would be more fun. Her constellations make her more strong and perfect for a team. Let’s go through all her constellations:

  • Tidal Illusion: This one is constellation level 1, and in this, the physical DMG of Eula is high but only for 6 sec. But, this privilege is possible only when Eula consumes Icetide Vortex’s Grimheart. Also, if this much isn’t enough, then Eula must consume more to increase her energy for a maximum of 18 secs.
  • Lady of Seafoam: Holding mode of CD that is a part of Vortex’s Grimheart lessens here, and this is the constellation level 2.
  • Lawrence Pedigree: Moving on to constellation level 3, here Eula can increase the level of Glacial Illumination but only up to 15.
Genshin Impact Eula Constellations
  • The Obstinacy of One’s Inferiors: Now, if an enemy’s HP is less than 50%, then in this constellation level 4, Lightfall swords can damage 25% extra.
  • Chivalric Quality: Next is Constellation level 5, and here Icetide Vortex’s level is 3, and it can be upgraded till it reaches level 15.
  • Noble Obligation:  Here, Light swords’ power increases if it is made from Glacial Illumination.

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What are the Talents of the Character?

Eula has three skill talents and three passive talents.

Skills Talents

  • Favonius Bladework – Edel [Normal Attack] 

  • Icetide Vortex [Elemental Skill] 

  • Glacial Illumination [Elemental Burst

Genshin Impact Eula Best Build
Genshin Impact Eula Skills

Passive Talents

  • Roiling Rime [Unlocked at Ascension 1]

  • Wellspring of War-Lust [Available at Ascension 4]

  • Aristocratic Introspection [Available without any Ascension]

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