‘Girls Band Cry’ Reveals Main Cast, Staff, Key Visual

'Girls Band Cry' Reveals Main Cast, Staff, Key Visual

The official website of Toei Animation’s Girls Band Cry original anime revealed the cast, staff, key visual (pictured), and two music videos by the Togenashi Togeari unit on Monday.


Original Work, Planning, Production: Toei Animation

Director: Kazuo Sakai (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

Character Design: Nari Teshima (Holo no Graffiti)

CG Director: Mari Kondou, Jae Hoon Jung (Precure Dream Stars! Movie)

Music: Kenji Tamai (agehasprings) (Samurai Flamenco)


Nina Iseri: Rina

Momoka Kawaragi: Yuuri

Subaru Awa: Mirei

Tomo Ebizuka: Nagito

Rupa: Shuri


The main character drops out of high school in her second year, and aims at entering a university while working alone in Tokyo. A girl is betrayed by her friends and doesn’t know what to do. Another girl is abandoned by her parents, and tries to survive in the city by doing part-time jobs. This world lets us down all the time. Nothing goes as planned. But we want something that we can continue to like. We believe there’s a place where we belong. That’s why we sing. (Source: Official YouTube channel)

Namonaki Nanimokamo (Nameless Name)

Itsuwari no Kotowari (No Rhyme nor Reason)

Source: PR Times


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