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If you are a fan of the psychological thriller genre, then I bet you have already heard or even watched Gone Girl. This film came out back in 2014, and its direction was done by David Fincher. Gillian Flynn has written the story of this tale in her 2012 novel of the same name. The location of filming inset in Missouri. Gone Girl went out to have major success in the box office department. It was made on a budget of 61 million US dollars but grossed over 369 million US dollars from around the world. It also established itself as the highest-grossing film which is ever released by Fincher. Rosamund Pike did the lead role in the film, and her skills were widely appreciated by almost everyone. She even received Academy Awards as well as BAFTA Award and Golden Globe Award nominations.

As for the plot, we witness that Nick Dunne is a writing teacher. He returns home for the fifth anniversary with his wife Amy only to find out that she has disappeared. Given the fact that Amy was pretty popular among children for her book called Amazing Amy, this event immediately receives coverage from the press. Later, Detective Rhonda Boney is appointed for the case, and she finds some of the shreds of evidence in the house itself. She comes across hints that Amy was actually struggling in this relationship.

Gone Girl Ending Explained

A still from Gone Girl of Nick Dunne

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Gone Girl – Plot

Everyone points the finger at Nick himself as well as his sister Margo who constantly claims that Amy is doing this all for the coverage and nothing else. There were just so many clues around the house that clearly vocals the idea that it might actually be Nick who has killed his wife. The police did a forensic analysis of the entire house and finds out the bloodstains that were cleaned before. It might suggest a possible murder happening in the house. Rhonda also comes across evidence that suggests having financial trouble in the house along with domestic violence. There were some clues in the house that even aim that Amy wanted to purchase a gun. There were some medical reports lying around the house which also suggested that Amy was pregnant.

Although, Nick refuses to have known anything about it. The police also find a diary that suggests that Amy was being threatened by Nick and believed that he would kill her at one point. On the other hand, we see Amy, who has set this all up and is now driving to Ozarks. She wanted to take revenge on Nick and tried to frame him for her murder. Although, she runs out of money when people in Ozark rob her. Thus, she falls her ex-boyfriend Desi who still is madly in love with her. He hides him in his lake house, where she convinces him that Nick was actually abusing her.

Gone Girl Ending Explained

Now, when she sees Nick on TV all innocent of how she went missing, Amy’s heart fills with love for him again. Thus, she frames Desi in a way that it looked like he had kidnapped her and abused her. Later, she kills him with a blade and returns home with his blood all over her. Amy comes out in public where she reveals how Desi was still in love with her and wanted her to be with him and got disappointed when she got married to Nick. The entire world believes this story even though Rhonda has her own suspicions, but the FBI tells her to back down. Now, if you are wondering about what happened in the end, here is an explanation.

Later, when Amy returns home, she confesses to Nick about her entire plan. She also tells how much she misses the old him, the person she fell in love with within New York City. Nick has all the plans to leave Amy after this huge event that she had pulled on him, but she tells him that she is pregnant. Amy has actually inseminated herself with the sperm of Nick present at the fertility clinic. Nick does not like the idea of staying together but somehow feels responsible for the child. Despite the fact that Margo does not want her brother to stay with Amy, he does.

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