Grant Gustin Promises The Flash Finale Leaves WestAllen in a ‘Good Place’

Grant Gustin's Barry and Candice Patton's Iris in The Flash series.

Actor Grant Gustin opened up about Barry and Iris’ fate in the highly-anticipated series finale of The Flash, which will officially mark the conclusion of the Arrowverse.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Gustin assured WestAllen fans that Barry and Iris’ relationship will not encounter any life-changing challenges during The Flash’s four-part finale. “We’re not really playing — I don’t wanna say games, but there’s no additional struggle going on with [Barry and Iris] towards the end of the season as we’re finishing up,” he said.


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The Glee vet also discussed Barry and Iris’ storyline in The Flash Season 9, while teasing the fan-favorite DC couple’s well-deserved happy ending. “They’re kind of leaning on each other. There’s obviously so much going on in Central City and [Barry and Iris are] expecting a baby and are about to become parents,” Gustin added. “They’re mostly just staying consistent and leaning on each other. This whole season, I think we really wanted to finish off seeing the beginning of their family and leaving [them] in a good place. I think that’s what we do. I mean, they just kind of get stronger and stronger as the season goes and we’re leaving them in a really good spot as a couple.”

Like Gustin, Candice Patton has also been playing Iris West for nearly a decade now. The iconic pair, both created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino in 1956, were first introduced in The CW series as childhood best friends. After three seasons, Barry and Iris finally got married alongside Arrow’s Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak during the Arrowverse’ fourth crossover event “Crisis on Earth-X.”

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The Flash’s Series Finale Teases Barry’s Greatest Challenge Yet

The CW’s long-running superhero drama will officially be ending on May 24 with the 13th episode of The Flash Season 9, titled “A New World, Part Four.” According to the synopsis, Gustin’s scarlet speedster must face “his greatest challenge yet” which involves him saving the timeline and the multiverse. Old and new friends will arrive to help Barry with his mission, as they embark on “an epic battle to save Central City, one last time.” The series finale was directed by Vanessa Parise from a script co-written by showrunners Eric Wallace and Sam Chalsen.

The final season of The Flash was full of Arrowverse reunions which included the surprising return of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow or Spectre. In a previous interview, Amell admitted that he doesn’t think The Flash Season 9 will be his last appearance, hinting at the actor’s continued interest in playing the DC hero in future projects. Besides Amell, Gustin will also not shut down any potential opportunities to return as Barry Allen. “I’ll probably be associated with this character more than anything else in my career, for the rest of my life. So I’ll always listen to any Flash pitch,” he said.

New episodes of The Flash Season 9 premiere every Wednesday on The CW.

Source: Us Weekly


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