GRRM Addresses HBO’s Approach to Game of Thrones Shows During the WGA Strike

George RR Martin with Game of Thrones' Iron Throne and the Hedge-Knight graphic novel cover

George R.R. Martin threw his support behind the striking writers and provided some updates on HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoffs.

The author took to Not a Blog to share his thoughts on the Writers Guild of America strike and how it’s affecting his many television projects. “No one wanted this — no writer with an ounce of sense, anyway — but the producers and the studios and the networks and the streamers gave us no choice. The Guild negotiated right up to the final deadline on May 1, but it takes two to tango,” Martin wrote on his blog. While he noted he won’t be able to join the physical strikes in Los Angeles, he offered his unequivocal support before sharing some updates on House of the Dragon and the recently announced A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight.


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“The writer’s room on A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight has closed for the duration,” Martin revealed. [Showrunner] Ira Parker and his incredible staff of young talents are on the picket lines.” The show, based on the Tales of Dunk and Egg trilogy, was announced last month as the second Game of Thrones spinoff. But now, it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer as the WGA negotiates for better conditions.

House of the Dragon and the Writers Strike

As for House of the Dragon Season 2, it was recently revealed production on the upcoming episodes would continue as scripts had been finished. Martin offered some more insight into the process, saying, “Across the ocean, the second season of House of the Dragon started filming April 11 and will continue in London and Wales. The scripts for the eight S2 episodes were all finished months ago, long before the strike began.”

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“Every episode has gone through four or five drafts and numerous rounds of revisions, to address HBO notes, my notes, budget concerns, etc. There will be no further revisions,” Martin continued. “The writers have done their jobs; the rest is in the hands of the directors, cast and crew… and of course the dragons.”

Martin went on to confirm that as the strike is only about film and television projects, his work on The Winds of Winter will continue and is his top priority. He also shared that season two of Dark Winds is almost done with post-production and revealed that the adaptation of Wild Cards isn’t moving forward at Peacock but may be picked up by another network.

House of the Dragon Season 1 is now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Not a Blog


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