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Hawkeye Episode 3: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers – OtakuKart

Marvel tv show

Marvel has brought in another OG Avenger to the screens this year to give the fans a befitting Christmas gift and it is the latest Hawkeye tv series. The first two episodes dropped together which was another treat for the Marvel fans. However, they cannot seem to get enough of it and are now waiting to watch Hawkeye Episode 3. The previous two episodes gave us a look at Clint Barton living his normal life with his family after everything went back to normal at the end of Avengers: Endgame. The spirit of Christmas was all around but things got soon got serious for our Archer.

But the main question is, what was it this time that brought Hawkeye out of his comfort space and away from his family when it’s the most celebrated time of the year. The series has already made a great start with amazing critical and fan reviews.

One of the biggest questions in the minds of the fans is, at what point in time do the events of “Hawkeye” take place? Well, to find that out, you will have to stay with us a little longer as we discuss the story of the show so far. A well-known writer named Jonathan Igla has created the series and is also the executive producer of the show along with the others and Kevin Feige who is the president of Marvel Studios. After watching the first two episodes the viewers are awaiting the release of Hawkeye Episode 3. But first, let’s take a recap of episodes 1 and 2 and find out what happened.

Marvel tv show

Hawkeye Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 of Hawkeye came out on 24th November. Furthermore, the episode was titled “Never Meet Your Heroes”. The episode began with a flashback from 2012 when the Avengers fought Loki and the Chitauri army. Meanwhile, we got our first look at Kate Bishop who was a small girl at the time. She saw the Chitauri invasion and was about to get attacked by one of the Chitauri’s but Hawkeye saved her just in time. This was the moment when she became a big fan of Hawkeye and started to train after she lost her father in the attack that day.

Several years later, we saw the grown-up Kate Bishop who is now a skilled Archer and has mastered various fighting styles. On the other hand, we saw Clint Barton with his family at a musical show where he sees a performance about Natasha aka Black Widow. This makes him remember that she is dead and he feels bad. So he and his children leave early and go out to have dinner. Meanwhile, Kate arrives at her mother Eleanor’s house and goes to a party with her.

Hawkeye Episode 3Hawkeye Episode 3

Scene from the fight of New York

However, she is surprised to learn that her mother is engaged to a man named Jack and is getting married soon. She goes out to get some air after hearing this news and finds a one-eyed dog but he runs away. After coming back inside, she eavesdrops on her mother’s conversation with the man named Armand who gave her the news about Eleanor’s marriage earlier at the party. Hearing the conversation, Kate feels like Armand is threatening Eleanor so she follows him. She arrives at an underground wine cellar where illegal bidding is taking place. Meanwhile, Eleanor’s fiance Jack also arrives there.

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The Return of ‘Ronin’

As the bidding starts, we see a major item go up for auction. It is the brutal sword of Ronin, that once Clint used to terrorize the criminal organizations all around the world after the snap of Thanos. Armand and Jack compete for buying that sword but Armand eventually gets it by placing a higher bid. The next item in the auction is the Ronin suit that clint wore when he was Ronin. Meanwhile, Kate is hiding from the security personal and keeping an eye out on what’s going on. She feels strange about Armand itself and seeing Jack there, her suspicions go up for Jack as well.

However, things get dangerous when one side of the wall is blown off and some Russian gangsters enter inside to take away the item on bidding. Kate finds her in a tough position and wants to help the people trapped inside but wants to protect her identity as well. So she sees the box with the Ronin suit lying there and wears it. She then starts to fight the criminals using her skills and then runs out after she is surrounded. Whereas the one-eyed dog grabs another Russian outside who is loading up the stolen items in the truck.

Hawkeye Episode 3Hawkeye Episode 3

Kate Bishop suits up as Ronin

While Kate gets out of the cellar, she sees the dog and runs behind it. Meanwhile, the dog runs into the middle of the road and is about to get hit but Kate saves the dog in time. On the other hand, Clint is surprised to see someone running around in his Ronin suit in New York on the news. Kate brings the dog home and then goes to Armand’s house to find out more about him. However, she is shocked to see him lying dead in his house and has to run away. Although, she gets surrounded by the Russian gang who think of her as Ronin and attack her. But Clinton arrives at the scene just in time and saves her. Then he takes her to a nearby alley and unmasks her to see whose behind Ronin’s mask. Whereas, Kate gets shocked to see Hawkeye as her savior.

Hawkeye Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Hawkeye came out on 24th November 2021. Moreover, the episode was titled “Hide and Seek”. The episode started off from the ending of the previous episode where Kate and Clint meet each other. Clint decides to get Kate back to the safety of her home and get the Ronin suit back. Although, things get out of hand when the Russian gang, called the Tracksuit Mafia came looking for Kate outside her house. They started throwing molotovs so Clint and Kate had to leave the apartment.

Although, they leave the suit behind in a hurry. But when Clint goes back to get the suit, he does not find it there. However, he sees the sticker of a role play club on the firefighter truck and tracks down the man who has it. He then goes to the club and gets the suit back from the guy named Grills who is wearing it during the role play. On the other hand, we see Kate have dinner at her mom’s house. She convinces Jack for a sword fight in the house where she reveals the truth to Eleanor that he is hiding his sword-fighting skills.

Hawkeye Episode 3Hawkeye Episode 3

Clint Barton & Kate Bishop

Furthermore, she tries to convince Eleanor that Jack might have killed his uncle Armand with a sword. But Eleanor refuses to believe it. However, Kate rushes out of the house after she sees Jack having the same toffee from she saw at Armand’s house. She calls Clint’s phone to share this theory but gets surprised when another man answers Clint’s phone. Meanwhile, Clint willingly gets abducted by the Tracksuit Mafia to calm down the situation. But Kate arrives there in order to save him, but little does she know that you don’t bring arrows to a gunfight. In the end, they both are tied up and wait for the boss to come to see them.

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Hawkeye Episode 3: When Will It Release & Air Time

The ending of episode 2 had everyone wondering about how Kate and Clint will manage to get out. Therefore, the viewers are quite excited about the next episode. “Hawkeye Episode 3 will release on 1st December 2021 at 3 am ET, 1:30 pm IST, and 12 am PT on Disney Plus.” However, there is no title confirmed for the episode yet. Although, we can be sure that will be another exciting and thrilling episode. So stay tuned to watch what happens next week on Wednesday.

Kate Bishop Kate Bishop

Hawkeye Episode 3 will release on 1st December 2021

How To Watch Hawkeye Season 1? Streaming Details

Another exciting Marvel series has kicked off featuring an Avenger that has got the fans hyped. That is why the fans are wondering about where to watch Hawkeye Season 1? Well, the answer to that popular question is quite simple. “Hawkeye Season 1 airs every Wednesday at 3 am ET on Disney Plus in the United States.” Furthermore, Hawkeye Season 1 also airs on Wednesday at 12:30 pm IST in India on Disney+ Hotstar. Other than that, the show is available on Disney Plus in all the regions having the streaming service. However, the show is exclusive to Disney, therefore, it won’t be available on any other streaming service.

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