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Hawkeye Post/End Credits Scene Explained: No Wonder It Left Fans Divided

Post/End Credits Scene Of Hawkeye

Hawkeye became one of those Marvel shows that built itself up to hype towards the ending of the show. One of the major reasons for the same was Vincent D’Onofrio returning to fill in the shoes of the iconic character, Kingpin. The last we saw him portraying the same was in Netflix’s canceled show Daredevil’s Season 3. So, as big Hawkeye became, the fans also expected the post/end credits scene of the show to do leave the same impact. Answering questions like, was Daredevil part of the MCU universe? and the future of Kate?

Well, to begin with, Hawkeye is one of the Marvel shows or properties that certainly has a post/end credits scene that may not hold much of importance. Yes, for some fans it was a disappointment and for some, it was Marvel’s way of wishing Happy Holidays. So, although it was more of a skippable part, it features one of the iconic Marvel memories we may cherish a lot.

Hawkeye Post/End Credits From Episode 6 Explained

The post/end-credit scene of Hawkeye is nothing but the musical we saw in the very first episode of the show. The one Clint took his family to. It’s called the ‘Rogers: The Musical.’ More or less a tribute to The Avengers taking us to the time they saved The New York City when Loki and the Chitauri army invaded the city wreaking havoc. The same event where for the very first time Kate Bishop saw Hawkeye fighting with bow and arrow. Although that wasn’t part of the musical, but worth mentioning for the show.

Overall, ‘Rogers: The Musical’ did a brilliant job of capturing the events of 2012’s Alien Invasion and Battle Of New York. As entertaining it was, there were certain notable changes that didn’t go well with Clint though. He did point them out in the first episode. It had to do with the inclusion of Ant-Man a.k.a. Scott Lang.

From Hawkeye Episode 6 Post/End Credits Scene Featuring Rogers: The Musical

Although Ant-Man wasn’t part of 2021’s Battle Of New York, the musical portrayed him as an important part of it. This might be a nod to the fact that Ant-Man was part of the original Avengers in the comics. Not in the movie though. Also, let’s not forget that Joss Whedon also had admitted that he had originally written Evangeline Lily’s The Wasp/Hope Van Dyne in the drafts for The Avengers back in 2012.

So anyway, that was all for the end/post-credits scene of Hawkeye Episode 6. Nothing to tease about the future of the show or MCU or some major revelation. Only a musical that most of the fans didn’t enjoy while some of them took it as a celebration of holiday cherishing the 2012 Battle Of New York. The event paved its way for the earth’s mightiest heroes.

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Hawkeye Ending Of The Show

If we keep the post/end credits scene aside, the Hawkeye pretty much wrapped up the story it was supposed to tell. The story of Clint becoming Kate’s mentor and Kate building up the potential to be the next Hawkeye. Starting from Kate stealing the Ronin suit to Tracksuit Mafia becoming their enemy. To the time Echo started hunting them down and Yelena made her appearance to kill Clint. Lastly, Kingpin is to be revealed as the mastermind behind all the operations who was working with Kate’s mother Eleanor.

How Did Hawkeye End?
From Hawkeye Episode 6 Featuring Kate and Clint

Towards the ending of Hawkeye, Kate fought Kingpin and took him down to save her mother. Only for her mother to be arrested for the illegal activities. Echo found Kingpin later. She was certainly not happy to hear that her Uncle ordered her father’s killing. So we did hear a gunshot but we are not sure if Echo killed Kingpin or not. Bringing Kingpin back with such hype and only to have him die would look like waste. There is a comic book storyline with a similar event and it didn’t see Kingpin dying. So we are not expecting him to die here either.

Lastly, Clint made peace with Yelena who all this time believed it was him behind Natasha’s death.  The secret whistle of Natasha and Yelena was enough to make her believe Clint’s words. The show came to a close with Kate joining Clint’s family for Christmas. Apart from that, Clint also bid adieu to the Ronin persona and suit by burning it into the flames with Kate who started to figure out a superhero name for herself.

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