Hearthstone’s Next Class Might Be Its Most Interesting One Yet

World of Warcraft Evoker Class From Cinematic Showing WoW's New Playable Class

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Hearthstone‘s diverse and eclectic classes are the lifeblood of its gameplay. They determine players’ card pool and hero power, with each class offering a unique playstyle. In 2020, after 6 years without a new class, Blizzard finally added Demon Hunter with Ashes of Outland, followed by Death Knight in 2022’s March of the Lich King. Both were big successes with fans, giving the game the shake-up it needed. Now, players are wondering which of World of Warcraft‘s two remaining classes will make their way to Hearthstone next.

10 years ago, Blizzard added Monks to WoW in Mists of Pandaria. Monks are agile martial artists that roll around the battlefield, channeling restorative magic or fortifying themselves with hearty brews. WoW‘s most recent expansion, Dragonflight, added Evokers, humanoid bipedal dragons that fight with the powers of Warcraft‘s five Dragonflights using breaths and elemental magic. Both would make great additions to Hearthstone, and both have mechanics that would translate excellently to the TCG format, but there are other strong contenders from Warcraft lore too that could really shake up the formula. Here’s why Hearthstone‘s next class might be its most interesting one yet.

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Monks Would Be a Dynamic and Engaging Hybrid

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Monks are probably the most obvious choice for Hearthstone‘s next class. In WoW, Monks are hybrids with significant diversity in the way they play. They can tank, heal and deal damage, so the same will likely be true in Hearthstone as well.

Windwalkers are agile fighters, so it makes sense for them to use lots of low-cost cards that combine to create powerful combos, like Rogues. Brewmasters are tanks; they fortify themselves with hearty brews and breathe fire, themes both suitable for defensive Hearthstone cards that boost survival and clear the board. Mistweavers are the healers, and their gentle curative mists would translate perfectly into Hearthstone as efficient, low-cost heals and minion buffs.

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Monks are quick and nimble, like Demon Hunters, so they could be the second class with a Hero Power that only costs 1 mana. It would need to be relatively low-impact, perhaps with a few rotating effects, like giving an enemy minion -1 attack or -1 health to facilitate a favorable trade. Alternatively, given Monks’ affinity for positive magic, a hero power that buffs minions might be suitable, and no Hearthstone class yet has a Hero Power that can give minions +1/+1 for 2 mana. This would fit Monks’ theme of channeling beneficial magic perfectly.

Warcraft lore is packed with characters ideal for Monk heroes and minions. Chen Stormstout, the iconic Warcraft III Pandaren Monk, would be the perfect playable character, and the Celestials from WoW‘s Mists of Pandaria, like Xuen the White Tiger, would be great legendary minions. Monks have so many interesting and recognizable characters, such rich lore, and so many flavorful abilities and themes that it almost seems impossible that they won’t come to Hearthstone eventually.

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Evokers Would Be Flashy and Fearsome Spellcasters

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WoW‘s Evokers are known for their ability to channel the magic of all five of Warcraft‘s Dragonflights. Also, they can fly. In WoW, Evokers specialize as ranged spellcasters or healers, and they have a ton of abilities that would make great Hearthstone cards — particularly spells.

Devastation Evokers wield the magic of the Red and Blue Dragonflights, weaving destructive fire and frost magic together with devastating dragon breath attacks. Similar to Hearthstone‘s Mage class, these abilities would be perfect as damaging single-target spells and board clears. Preservation Evokers wield the magic of the Green and Bronze Dragonflights, channeling restorative energy and manipulating time to protect allies from harm. These themes translate excellently as spells to heal and buff friendly minions, like Druid or Priest, with control cards to manipulate the flow of the game.

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In WoW, Evokers are the only class that can empower their spells. By holding down the ability button, players can cast more powerful versions of certain spells, like Fire Breath. Preservation Evokers also use Echo, an ability that doubles the effect of their next healing spell. In keeping with the theme, Evokers’ Hearthstone Hero Power could focus on this spell empowerment mechanic. For instance, for 2 mana, their Hero Power could improve or even double the effects of the player’s next spellcast.

Although Evokers are new to WoW, there are a few notable Drac’thyr who could be suitable as a playable Hearthstone hero, like Emberthal or Viridia. Additionally, there are hundreds of dragons and related characters across Warcraft lore that would make excellent Evoker minions, and with fan-favorite villain Deathwing closely involved in the Evokers’ origin story, he would make a great class legendary. Evokers might not be the most immediate choice for Hearthstone‘s next class, particularly given how new they are to Warcraft, but their distinct spin on the spellcaster formula could make them a unique and highly thematic addition.

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Tinkers, Wardens or Dark Rangers Might Surprise Everyone

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Tinkers or engineers are common throughout the Warcraft universe, often portrayed in WoW as Goblin or Gnome inventors. WoW players have been asking for the Tinker class for years, and many were surprised when Blizzard revealed Evokers for Dragonflight instead. However, multiple aspects of the Tinker class would translate perfectly to Hearthstone, so it’s possible Blizzard could surprise players by introducing the Tinker next.

Hearthstone has already featured the engineering theme in numerous expansions, like Goblins & Gnomes, giving it plenty of structure in place to support a class using mechs and explosives. The Magnetic mechanic from The Boomsday Project would be a perfect signature class mechanic for Tinkers, and Warcraft lore is full of iconic characters that would make great heroes or minions, like Gelbin Mekkatorque and Gazlowe.

Warcraft lore features so many other archetypes that would make great classes in Hearthstone and WoW. For instance, Sylvanas, one of WoW‘s most well-known characters, is a Dark Ranger, which could be an excellent addition to Hearthstone, bringing ranged combat and dark magic to the table. Whichever class Blizzard decides to add next, it’s sure to be Hearthstone‘s biggest shake-up in a long time.


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