Hellboy Reboot Movie Has Finished Shooting With Creator Mike Mignola’s Seal of Approval

David Harbour as Hellboy.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has announced that filming has wrapped on the upcoming Hellboy reboot The Crooked Man.

In an Instagram post featuring an image of the titular characters, Mignola wrote, “So they’ve wrapped principal photography on the new HELLBOY movie. I wasn’t on set for this one but they have been nice enough to send me dailies and I have to say I have loved what I’ve been seeing. If fans have been waiting for a Hellboy film that is actually an adaptation of one of my stories I think they are finally going to get one.” Mignola also showered the film’s director Brian Taylor and cast with congratulatory praise while applauding co-writer Chris Golden for figuring out “how to give the studio what they wanted and still keep true to the heart and soul of THE CROOKED MAN, my favorite of the Hellboy stories.” Mignola ended his post by wishing that The Crooked Man illustrator “Richard Corben was still around to see this–They did a wonderful job bringing his really horrific character to life.”


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Hellboy: The Crooked Man was announced in February 2023 by Millennium Media, with production commencing the following month. The Crooked Man is the first Hellboy movie to have Mignola involved in a creative capacity, with the beloved creator working with Golden on the film’s script. The upcoming reboot, which is based on the 2008 Eisner Award-winning comic Hellboy: The Crooked Man, will find Hellboy and a rookie Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense agent stranded in 1950s rural Appalachia. The two will discover a small community haunted by witches and led by The Crooked Man, a local devil with a troubling connection to Hellboy’s past.

Jack Kesy Portrays the Right Hand of Doom

In March 2023, Jack Kesy was cast as Hellboy, becoming the third actor to portray the Right Hand of Doom in live-action after Ron Perlman in Guillermo del Toro’s beloved duology and David Harbour in the 2019 film reboot. “Jack Kesy is a dynamic actor who has the ability to morph into his roles. His talent and stature are perfect for this younger Hellboy,” Millennium Media co-president Jonathan Yunger said at the time. Kesy previously worked with Millennium on the 2020 war film The Outpost but is best known for playing Black Tom Cassidy in the 2018 superhero film Deadpool 2. In addition to Kesy, Hellboy: The Crooked Man stars Jefferson White (Yellowstone) as Tom Ferrell, Adeline Rudolph (Resident Evil) as Bobbie Jo Song and Leah McNamara (Vikings) as Effie Kolb.

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The Crooked Man Will Be R-Rated

While del Toro’s duology remains beloved by Hellboy fans, both films were limited by their PG-13 ratings. However, this won’t be an issue for the upcoming reboot since The Crooked Man was pitched and shot as an R-rated film. Taylor previously explained back in February how an R-rating was always part of the plan for The Crooked Man. “I pitched an R-rated folk horror movie and the team here at Millennium have been nothing but supportive,” he said. The director added that to do the source material justice they couldn’t “have any [PG-13] handcuffs on.” Millenium’s 2019 Hellboy reboot starring Harbour was also rated R.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man does not yet have a release date.

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