October 26, 2021

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Hereditary Ending Explained & Plot Analysis


For ages, horror movies have become nothing but a hub of random jumpscares. Most horror movies often use deceptive effects to build fear leading to nothing but blandness. However, Hereditary breaks out from all such bounds and gives its audience a real taste of what fear is and how badly it can haunt one. Ari Aster’s Hereditary is no less than a masterpiece. The thrill and the mystery are both exceptionally amazing in this movie. It leaves behind a certain amount of heaviness filled with uncanny feelings. The Hereditary ending was yet another brilliantly done part of this movie. It was scary and fit satisfactorily with the plot it was building. The movie’s secrets finally open up. If you have watched Hereditary, you already know that the haunting feeling it leaves behind.

Hereditary came out on 21 January 2018 in Sundance and on 8 June of the same year in the United States. Created on a 10 million USD budget, the movie earned 80 million USD at the box office. It runs for 127 minutes and was distributed by A24. Hereditary has been written and directed by Ari Aster and produced by Kevin Frakes, Lars Knudsen, and Buddy Patrick. The movie also became the highest-grossing film being distributed by A24. 

Hereditary was a big success. The response received from its audience was massively positive as well. Here is the Hereditary ending explained for a deeper look into the story. However, there are spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk!

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Synopsis and Review

Annie is a Utah resident who lives with her husband Steve, her son Peter, and her daughter Charlie. After her secretive mother Ellen died, strange things began to occur. Ellen’s grave gets desecrated, Charlie begins to act weird, and Peter starts seeing things. Annie begins seeing the signs and slowly starts unraveling things about Ellen she had never known. An unknown threat lurks from the shadows at the same time. 

The concept of Hereditary was not entirely new to Hollywood horror. But, its execution is what made the movie such a hit. The movie is worth watching if you are tired of cliched jump scares that make no sense. Hereditary takes its audience on a journey of fear and unpredictability that constantly keeps the adrenal rushing. So grab on to your popcorn and turn your light down to experience the scariest movie in our recommendations. 

Hereditary Ending Explained

Towards the end of Hereditary, Annie starts looking through Ellen’s belongings, where she finds a photo album. She finds evidence of Joan and Ellen’s relations in the photos. Additionally, she also finds a book on the occult, which describes Paimon, a demon-king, who wants to possess a male body. Annie makes a shocking discovery that Joan is a part of a cult that is trying to find a body that can become Paimon’s host. In doing so, they wish to achieve limitless wealth from Paimon as a reward, as stated in different legends. As Annie snoops in further, she discovers Ellen’s body in the attic, which was decapod and surrounded by occult symbols written with blood. 



Peter sees Joan from his classroom (at school). He suddenly starts banging his head on his slam involuntarily, and the authorities at his school send him back home. Back at home, when Annie shows Ellen’s decapitated body and the occult book to Steve, he instead accuses Annie of desecrating Ellen’s grave. Annie wants to burn the sketchbook and sacrifice herself. Steve’s accusations frustrate her, and in her flow of emotions, she burns the book. Suddenly, Steve dies by burning, and Annie gets possessed by Paimon.

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Peter wakes up and finds his father’s burnt body. Possessed by Paimon, Annie chases Peter to the same attic where we had previously seen Ellen’s decapitated body and occult symbols. Peter locks himself inside, but Annie enters anyway. Her head gets decapitated through a piano wire. Peter jumps out, and we see a white light entering his body. After waking up, he goes to Charlie’s treehouse where we get another disturbing look at Charlie’s cut head that is crowned. The cult bows to him and tells him that now he is Paimon.

At the end of Hereditary, we know that Paimon has achieved a male host. Whether Peter has even a bit of his conscience left is unanswered, but it seems highly unlikely. But, what we do know is that Paimon succeeded in his plans. Let’s hope we get a sequel to free us from the curiosity of the cliffhanger. 

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