High on Life: Krubis Boss Guide

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High on Life’s boss fight against Krubis is one of the first major hurdles that players have to contend with in the game. Here’s how to beat him.

Although the video game High on Life is labeled as a comedy game, there are still times when it can actually be surprisingly difficult. Krubis is the name of one of the early boss fights found in High on Life, and for many players, he is also the first big wall of difficulty that they will need to overcome.

To even reach Krubis, players will have to make their way through a long series of mining tunnels filled with puzzles and traps that will force the player to make use of every strategy and ability that the game has taught them so far. Krubis himself is a challenging opponent with a variety of attacks that, if the player doesn’t fully understand, can make it so that this one fight adds a ton of extra time to the game’s playtime. With that in mind, here are some effective tips and strategies to make fighting against Krubis much simpler.

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Explaining Krubis’ Attacks

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The first and most basic of Krubis’ attacks is a simple blaster-style weapon, which can easily be avoided by using a side dash with either the B button for Xbox or the left Ctrl button on PC. After shooting a few rounds, Krubis will either use the big drill on his head to sink down into the ground and out of view, or he will throw large sawblades directly at the player. In either case, it’s best to simply stay on the move. With his drill attack, Krubis will attempt to come up right underneath the player. His sawblades can be avoided by dodging or using the nearby large stone pillars to take cover.

During portions of the fight, Krubis may also call in for backup, and a group of weaker enemies will rush in to attack the player. Dispatch them all quickly to continue fighting against the main target. Finally, there will be times when several deadly lasers will flood throughout the area, and in those instances, players should only focus on survival until they stop and Krubis resets to his basic blaster shots.

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Best Strategies Against Krubis

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Against the blaster shots, the drill attack, and sawblades, players should stay on the move whenever possible, take cover when needed, and keep firing back at him. Don’t worry too much about the bounty hunter suit’s shield strength, as it is easily replenished by defeating the smaller enemies that Krubis occasionally calls in. As for the lasers, while it is possible to avoid them by running around on the ground, a better option is to use Knifey’s tethering ability to grab onto a hookbug hovering over the arena and hide up there.

Finally, for players who might want an even more unfair advantage to breeze through this fight, they should consider using Kenny’s alternate attack, the Glob Shot, to knock Krubis down and stab him with Knifey. Krubis will be completely immobilized for a short time when hit with a Glob Shot, so using this strategy can quickly make the fight go from one of the game’s toughest challenges to a quick and easy venture.

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Rewards for Defeating Krubis

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After defeating Krubis, players will gain several rewards, the most important of which is Gus, another one of the talking weapons that the player wields throughout the game. Gus acts as a shotgun for his primary attack and comes with the extra ability to drag enemies closer and create climbable ledges.

Players will also unlock an achievement called “Cold-Blooded” for defeating Krubis and another called “Satisfied Gus-tomer” for finding Gus. Finally, turning in Krubis’ bounty grants the player a further reward of 1,500 Pesos, which will definitely help the player stock up on better equipment as they move forward into the harder sections of the game.


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