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Hololive VTubers Come to Oculus Quest, Smartphones, More in Virtual Concert July 31

VARK VR Concert App Will Host Yuzuki Choco and Oozora Subaru in vol.1 of a new series of
popular Cinderella switch concerts, “Cinderella switch -new act-”.

TOKYO — June 26, 2021 — Moments ago during Cinderella switch vol.7, VARK Inc. and
Hololive Production revealed a new Cinderella switch series, “Cinderella switch -new act-”.

The Cinderella switch concert series is innovative virtual shows where two performers take turns
swapping between the stage and audience started Sep 2020. Cinderella switch -new act- vol.1,
the opening event of the new Cinderella switch series, starring Hololive VTubers Yuzuki Choco
and Oozora Subaru, comes to the VARK app on Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Android
and iOS smartphones, as well as Niconico, on Saturday, July 31 at 9 AM CET / 4 AM EDT /
5:00 PM JST.

Yuzuki Choco and Oozora Subaru are Hololive’s 2nd generation Vtubers. Combined, they have
earned over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube. They are popular with their game streaming
with titles such as Minecraft, RESIDENT EVIL, and APEX.

Hololive and VTuber fans can enjoy a one-of-a-kind musical experience, with tremendous scale
and deep immersion, all without the inconvenience of dense crowds. Garnering rave reviews
across all previous engagements, Cinderella switch captures the thrill and excitement of a live
performance, combined with the comfort of in-home watching where every seat is the best in the
house. The new series, “Cinderella switch -new act-”, will add new concepts to the shows while
taking over the format which was supported by the attendees of the previous series.

Cinderella switch -new act- vol.1 comes to VR platform VARK on Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and for non-VR viewing on Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Niconico, on Saturday,
July 31. Tickets are available now in-app for approximately $43 / €35 (448 VARK coins) for one
concert part, or approximately $80 / €66 (847 VARK coins) when buying both parts bundled
together. Web tickets are available now via Niconico for approximately $33 / €28 for one part, or
$62 / €51 when bundling.

About VARK

VARK is a virtual concert platform allowing viewers to experience a live concert of a virtual artist
as if they were in an actual venue. Audiences can warm up a concert and cheer for a virtual
artist singing right in front of you. VARK helps bring events to life that are difficult to realize in
the physical world. Beyond creating and developing VARK, the corporation VARK Inc. also
partners with other businesses to produce virtual concerts.

● Price: Free (In-app purchases available)
● Platforms: Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Smartphones (Android / iOS)
● Website:

Copyright: © 2018 VARK Inc.

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