How I Met Your Father Fans Stunned by Latest HIMYM Cameo

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How I Met Your Father fans express their excitement as another major character from HIMYM makes a surprise cameo in the Season 2 premiere.

The Season 2 premiere of How I Met Your Father saw a surprise cameo from a well-known How I Met Your Mother character and fans have been quick to voice their delight at seeing him again.

Leading character Sophie, played by Hilary Duff, ends the episode by crashing her car into the back of an SUV. As the driver of the vehicle climbs out of the car, it quickly becomes apparent that the owner is none other than Barney Stinson, once again played by Neil Patrick Harris. With the iconic character now back in the show, fans have taken to social media to express their happiness at seeing him back on their TV screens.

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Barney isn’t the only How I Met Your Mother character to make a grand return. How I Met Your Father has also seen Cobie Smulders reprise her role as Robin and also features appearances by The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan) and Carl the bartender (Joe Nieves). Robin’s cameo earned a substantial amount of excitement as her character appeared during the Season 1 finale to dish out some relationship advice to Sophie.

More members of the original How I Met Your Mother could reprise their roles in the future. Josh Radnor, who played Ted, admitted he would be open to a return to the sitcom. “I had a really sweet email exchange with Hilary Duff. We kind of went back and forth about being the ‘I’ on How I Met Your dot dot dot,” Radnor said. “[Hilary] has said publicly, she’d love to have me on, so I wouldn’t turn down an invitation.”

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How I Met Your Father was initially criticized upon release, scoring just 38% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the audience viewership for the show has continued and ultimately score the sitcom a second season on Hulu. The show comes as a sequel to the beloved How I Met Your Mother and focuses on Sophie and her group of friends who are trying to navigate life while dealing with problems involving dating, careers and family. Like in the original series, Sophie is leading the narrative from the year 2050, as she tells her son the story of meeting his father.

How I Met Your Father is now airing on Hulu with new episodes dropping every Wednesday.

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