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Forspoken is a brand-new IP with a AAA price tag, so many players are wondering how long of a game it is before they decide to invest in it.

Following a long series of trailers and demos that have left gamers divided to say the least, players finally have the chance to play the new video game, Forspoken, and see what it’s all about for themselves. For better or worse, the divisive nature of Forspoken has the gaming community talking about it, and as a result, many are undoubtedly going to want to try it.

As with any other brand-new video game property, this curiosity will lead many of those players to do some quick research about Forspoken, such as looking up what reviews are saying about the game, and whether their PC meets the technical requirements to run it. Another of these major questions is “How long does it take to beat the game?”, and with that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of what players can expect in terms of the game’s length, for both casual players and completionists.

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How Long to Beat Forspoken

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Forspoken comes with 12 main story chapters and one extra chapter in the post-game. The first few of the game’s chapters are largely based around tutorials of the game’s mechanics, and as such, only take about an hour each to finish if the player is simply breezing through them without interacting with very much side content. However, later chapters become a bit more difficult and add more content, raising the basic completion time of each to about two hours instead.

Players might also find at certain sections that they may need to take a bit of extra time to do some grinding and preparation in order to defeat the more difficult bosses, as there are a few difficulty spikes spread throughout the game. In particular, the game’s final boss has multiple stages that could easily wreck the unprepared player if they should storm into it. Adding all that up together and Forspoken players who are making a beeline for the ending will spend roughly between 20 and 25 hours on it before they see the game’s credits, and an extra couple of hours if they want to complete that final post-game chapter, too.

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How Long to Complete Forspoken

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Players who are looking to get 100% completion out of Forspoken will find that it has a fair amount of side content and exploration that can be done during each chapter. This includes special challenges, some optional boss encounters, and a decently sized list of side-quests, which are called “Detours” in this game. All of this content brings the playtime of Forspoken up an extra ten hours, bringing it to about 30 to 35 hours for full completion.

Of course, this all means that Forspoken is very much on the shorter side of length for typical AAA video game titles, and considering the AAA price tag attached, this can admittedly be a negative factor for players choosing new games. However, where Forspoken really comes into its own in terms of length is in its replay factor. Players will have access to four major types of magic abilities — Red, Blue, Green, and Purple — and can make a variety of character builds by mixing and matching how many spells they unlock for each one.

What this means is that Forspoken can be played several different times, with the gameplay feeling quite different each time. Finding all the best ways to mix and match the different magic types can extend playing time exponentially.


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