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The highly anticipated RPG One Piece Odyssey has finally arrived and here’s how many hours completionists or more casual gamers will spend on it.

There have been over 50 different One Piece games that have released over the past two decades, and One Piece Odyssey is the latest of these releases. After being announced as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary in early 2022, the game was slated for release later in the year but was delayed until just this week.

One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based role-playing game with some typical JRPG mechanics wherein the player controls Monkey D. Luffy and the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Combat is area-based, with party members being assigned to certain areas to face off against opponents. Outside of combat, the player can also control the characters as they navigate various regions. Along with combat skills and inconveniences, each character has unique abilities that can be used for world traversal, item collection, and puzzle solving. Fans of the legendary Japanese manga and anime can jump into One Piece Odyssey now, and here’s how long they can expect to spend alongside Luffy and his crew.

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How Long to Beat One Piece Odyssey

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Before its release, One Piece Odyssey was projected as taking approximately 30 hours to beat. It looks like those projections are pretty accurate as most people have reported taking at least thirty to forty hours to get through the game’s campaign. The main story of the game consists of nine chapters, with the title drawing on some of the most popular One Piece sagas to fill out its storylines. Players can expect to play through the Alabasta Arc, the Water 7 Arc, the Marineford Arc, which takes place during the Summit War saga, and the Dressrosa Arc.

While recaps of the featured arcs are included on Bandai Namco’s website, which is quite helpful when taking into account just how long One Piece is, the game versions of these arcs are different in some ways from how they are portrayed in the manga and anime. This is a great way of making sure that die-hard One Piece fans are getting fresh content from the game. Besides these four arcs, players can expect to spend some time playing through another four chapters that connect them and a final chapter that wraps up the game.

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How Long to Complete One Piece Odyssey

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Beyond the initial 30 to 40 hours that will take the player through the main story, players can stretch their playthroughs even longer to over 50 hours. This can be done by diving into the game’s bonus content and side-quests, along with exploring each area made available extensively. That being said, some of the trophies for the game are quite grind-dependent, so true completionists looking to cover 100 percent of the game’s content should probably expect 60 hours or so of gameplay.

While One Piece Odyssey‘s length might be dwarfed by other JRPGs, which can have players spending over one hundred hours in their virtual worlds, this is more than enough content for the average gamer, and the more condensed story compared to those of other JRPGs is actually a drawing point for many people. All in all, One Piece Odyssey provides a sizable chunk of time for fans of One Piece to spend with their favorite pirate crew, whether they wish to simply beat the game or complete everything it has to offer.


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