How Succession Is Different Without Logan

Collage of Kendall and Shiv, Logan, and Roman in Succession

The third episode of Succession, “The Wedding,” brought the most shocking turn of events of the series: Logan died while traveling in his private jet. The episode started as usual, without showing any signs of Logan’s sickness, but he died while the rest of the characters were at Connor’s wedding.

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This clearly changed the entire dynamic of Succession, which before revolved around the looming figure of Logan Roy. There have already been three episodes after Logan’s death, and it has been an emotional roller coaster with numerous changes.



10 No More Logan Tantrums

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Logan Roy, the patriarch of the Roy family and head of Waystar RoyCo, was particularly known for his violent public outbursts. No one could deny anything to Logan because he would immediately turn aggressive. In fact, the most iconic quote on the show is Logan saying “f**k off” to everyone in the vicinity.

Now that Logan is dead, people miss his typical tantrums since they were one of the funniest aspects of the show. Roman tried to emulate him in episode 6 but to no avail. So far, no one in the show can match Logan’s entitled and prepotent energy.

9 Tom’s Fate Is Undecided

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Tom had betrayed his wife to gain Logan’s favor, and now that Logan is dead, he’s concerned about his position in Waystar RoyCo. As soon as Logan’s funeral, Tom started doing the rounds around the family to see if they could earn the favor of one of the Roys, but to no avail.

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Tom’s desperation shows how precarious positions can be in the elite. The Roys will always be rich, but people like Tom, who depend on getting into a big dog’s good side, must choose wisely. After three seasons of Tom trying to be Logan’s lapdog, it seems like Tom could lose his position in the company.

8 The Roy Children Found New Demons

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While most of Succession revolves around the Roy children trying to either overcome or earn their father’s approval, now that Logan is gone, the siblings found new hills to die on. Shiv, always the pragmatic one, wants to move on and make their own company out of Pierce, but Kendall and Roman are set on self-sabotage.

Other seasons of Succession featured the Roy children competing against each other for the love of their father, while later, they teamed up to defeat him. However, now that Logan is gone, it seems like the Roy children ran out of purpose in life.

7 Everything Feels Less Tense

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There’s no denying that Succession gravitated around Logan. The presence of this almost omnipotent figure overshadowed all the other events in the show. Since Logan died, nothing seems to have the same level of stakes as before.

For example, nothing was more frightful than seeing the characters of Succession trying to face Logan, as it was an unpredictable situation that never ended well. However, without Logan looming large, there doesn’t seem to be any great threat in the show.

6 There Are Even More Daddy Issues

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Even though Succession deals with some of the most powerful people in the world, in the end, the show primarily revolves around the Roy family and their issues. Logan was a complicated father figure who loved his children but also tortured them. The Roy siblings are both in awe of him and deeply afraid.

Now that Logan is gone, the children are struggling with these complex feelings about their father, on top of mourning him. Most of their actions in the show so far seem a product of their grief. However, it looks like Roman and Kendall are trying to preserve their father figure through Waystar RoyCo.

5 Kerry Disappeared

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While Kerry had become a recurrent character due to her mysterious relationship with Logan, now that Logan is dead, she disappeared. The show still featured her at Logan’s funeral, but the audience doesn’t know what else happens to this character, nor if she was pregnant after all.

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An important part of the show was Logan’s relationships. Women in Logan’s life functioned as intermediaries for this character, always trying to appease his children. However, without Logan in the picture, they immediately became irrelevant, even Marcia.

4 Lukas Matsson Became More Central

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While Lukas Matsson (played by Alexander Skarsgård) had been a recurrent character in the third season of Succession, the fourth season feature this character a lot more after Logan’s death. He has become a central character as he wants to buy Waystar RoyCo while Kendall and Roman try to stop him.

Matsson now occupies the role of the most powerful character in Succession, and it seems like he’s replacing Logan’s role. While both Logan and Roman are trying to fight him, Shiv gets closer to him, replicating the dynamic that existed in the show’s first season with Logan.

3 The Old Guard Turned Aggressive

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While Gerri, Frank, and Karl are secondary characters in Succession, they occupy important roles in Waystar RoyCo, and any of them could become CEO. Now that Logan is dead, they’ve become more aggressive, as they clearly don’t have the same level of respect and fear for the Roy children.

This has developed a sort of tension between the Roy siblings and these three characters. Whereas before, they used to form alliances, such as Roman and Gerri, now it’s every person to themselves.

2 Logan A More Human Figure

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Throughout Succession, Logan’s unstoppable attitude turned him into an indestructible figure. The audience, as well as the characters in the show, thought that Logan was immortal. However, his death showed everyone that no amount of power can help one defeat the inevitable.

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Furthermore, the audience sees a more vulnerable version of this character after his death. For example, episode 6 shows a tape where Logan felt insecure while doing an advertisement for his new project, Living+. Only after his death could the audience see Logan’s weaknesses.

1 Brian Cox Left A Huge Hole

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While Logan’s death is necessary for the plot, as Succession will end with this current season, the audience truly misses Brian Cox. He brought tension, dynamism, and energy to the series. His presence was commanding and intimidating.

This brilliant actor embodied perfectly such a controversial figure, and it’s hard not to feel his absence in the show. The rest of the cast is equally talented, but Cox was the emotional axis of Succession, and his amazing acting skills are irreplaceable.

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