How The Flash, Blue Beetle Lead Into DC Studios’ ‘Soft Reboot’

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James Gunn explains how the upcoming The Flash and Blue Beetle feature films will lead into the DC Universe’s upcoming “soft reboot.”

DC Studios co-chairman and co-CEO James Gunn explains how the upcoming The Flash and Blue Beetle films will launch the DCEU’s soft reboot.

Per Variety, Gunn and fellow co-chairman and CEO of DC Studios Peter Safran explained that Shazam! Fury of the Gods will provide the setup for The Flash. According to Gunn, it is the latter film that will “reset everything,” although he declined to indicate how. In a video posted by Gunn on Twitter on Jan. 31, he noted that The Flash is, “A fantastic movie that I really love, that resets the entire DC Universe.”

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“Then to move into Blue Beetle, a fantastic film about a kid who is a marvelous part of the DCU, and then into Aquaman 2,” Gunn continued. Gunn also stated that Aquaman 2 would lead into his and Safran’s two-chapter plan for the DCU, the first of which, titled “Gods & Monsters,” will kick off in 2025 with Superman: Legacy. The film will be followed by various other DC properties, including The Authority, The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: World of Tomorrow, and Swamp Thing.

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The Old DC Universe Into the New

The production of The Flash, set to premiere later this year, has been marred in controversy following star Ezra Miller’s multitude of legal issues. On Jan. 13, Miller pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of unlawful trespassing in Vermont court. All other charges against Miller in the case were dismissed without prejudice, although charges of burglary could be refiled if Miller were to violate the terms of their probation.

Blue Beetle, which was announced in November 2018, is set to mark the silver screen debut of Xolo Mariduena as Jaime Reyes, aka the Blue Beetle. The film will also star Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon as the villainous Victoria Kord, the sister of former Blue Beetle Ted Kord. The character first appeared in 2022’s Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #2 by writer Josh Trujillo and artist Adrián Gutiérrez. Regarding her role in the DCEU, Sarandon said, “I’m of course the bad guy. I’m the white military-industrial complex, so I had a fabulous time because there’s nothing better than being bad.”

The Flash is slated to arrive in theaters on June 23, with Blue Beetle making its premiere on Aug. 18.

Source: Twitter, Variety


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